Godreah Records was born from the long buried Godreah Zine 1993-1998.

News 2018


The New Meads of Asphodel album is to be titled,  "Running out of time doing nothing". The band will be recording during the next few months with a pending release date for an ep/ then album mid-to late 2018.


news sept 2017

The meads of asphodel have around 14 demo's in preparation for the as yet untitled new album. Metatron is now creating the lyrical concept, and the recording will take place sometime this year. Mirai [sigh] is confirmed to play on the album.

The Wolves of Avalon are midway in the creation of their 4th album, titled, ‘The Book of  Aneirin', featuring  guest vocals from Hoest [Taake], Thurios [Drudkh], and a guest from Forefather, and others to be confirmed. Track-listing and full details to be announced soon.


  The Meads have donated an exclusive track ‘The Stone that Kileld Goliath' to the ‘ShonaSTOCK Live Free or Die 2017 - Global Compilation Album.

Mother Who Used Medical Cannabis to Treat Deadly Disease Had Her Son Taken Away, Faces 28 Years in Prison. Shona Banda's drug-war nightmare comes from using cannabis oil to treat her Crohn's disease

Out now -  Meads of Asphodel/ Forefather split cd -. Titled ‘English Steel', this release brings together two of the UK's most respected Black pagan metal bands. 
The Meads of Asphodel have their ‘vinyl only ‘Taste the Divine Wrath' tracks on cd for the first time, with a new version of, you've got the Hate, plus 3 exclusive cover tracks. Forefather returns with "Tales From a Cloud-Born Land" featuring 30 minutes of brand new material recorded in 2017

. -
  Track listing  
Forefather ‘Tales From a Cloud-Born Land'
1. Opening
2. Two Sacred Oaks
3. One Blood and One Bone
4. Strongbow's Death
5. In Victory We Feast
6. Out of Time
7. Daughter of Twilight

Meads of Asphodel ‘Taste the Divine Wrath''
8.   An Ebullient Prelude to a Loathsomely Grim End [intro]
 9.   Chidiock Tichborne
 10. You've Got The Hate (Candi Stanton Cover) different version.
 11. Balthasar Gérard
 12. Infidel 13. Castleland (Desaster Cover
14. Perfect Day (The Saints Cover)
 15. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 Cover)

   The wolves of Avalon will release a new album titled, The Book of  Aneirin, in 2017. Featuring guest vocals from Hoest [Taake], Thurios [Drudkh], and a guest from Forefather, and others to be confirmed. Track-listing and full details to be announced soon News 2017


Nov 2016

New meads material is being mixed for a release in early 2017, and Wolves of Avalon, have a new album in demo form that will be based on the Goddodin, a northern tribe of British warriors who rode to their deaths against the Saxon Angles.

March 2016

The Wolves of Avalon album, Across corpse grey,our now. Thurios, from Drudkh, and Hidr Valkyrie  feature on this release.

 Also appearing are, Daemonskald (SIG:AR:TYR), Roibéard Ó Bogai [Mael Mordha], Fiddler [Litmus], Alyona Dubrovina [Aeterna],


The title track is 35 minutes of prog pagan metal that weaves its Celtic heart across battle pyres of grimy flame and grinning masks of the dead.....
plus cover versions of Nokturnal Mortems, 'The Voice of Steel' and Venom's 'Die Hard'.

The Die hard 7"   is out now  on Eternal Death Records.
Mantas [Venom/  M.Pire of Evil], has recorded  the guitars, with vocal contributions from, Rob [Amebix], and Mirai [sigh].  Alan [Primordial] This will be on the forthcoming, Wolves of Avalon, album ..

A new, Meads of Asphodel track, titled, ‘Chidiock Tichborne’, has been recorded for the split 12" vinyl release with USBM band, Tjolgtjar, on Eternal Death Records. Expect a punk-metal kick in the ass. [Mirai from Sigh has created the intro for this track] There will also be 2 other new songs.  out now.

past news

A new, Wolves of Avalon, mcd will appear in June-2015, entitled, 'Across a twilight field of Corpses Grey, only the Trilling of Nightingales can be heard'. 
The title track will be a 20 minute long Prog-Pagan Metal song shifting between the past and the ethereal...
There will also be a special cover of, Venom’s 'Die Hard' which will feature vocal appearances from, Rob Miller [Amebix], Mirai [Sigh], and another special guest to be revealed soon.


A limited 500 run of a special, Meads of Asphodel, covers CD album, Titled    'Desolate hymns for a fallen God' , featuring cover tracks from the Meads past is out now via, Azermedoth Records,  featuring exclusive bonus  tracks. Copies are  available via Godreah.com.

A new Meads of Asphodel split 12" vinyl release with USA band, Tjolgtjar, will be released via Eternal Death records in mid 2015.

There will also be a new, Wolvesof Avalon, release by April 2015, and a new Meads of Asphodel, album at the end of the year.

News August 2014

The Wolves of Avalon 'Boudicca's Last stand' cd - out now

The second album from English Celtic pagan folk metal band, The Wolves of Avalon, is a smouldering echo from a time when there was no England, Scotland or Wales, only the forest clad isles of Britain. A pagan land of tribal conflict and woad painted warriors, now lost in the corrosive passing of time.

The album deals with one of the great British war leaders, Boudicca, a queen who stood against the might of Rome shortly after  the great Druid sanctuary of, Ynys Môn, was ruthlessly destroyed and the very heart of druid culture wiped from the face of the Earth.
Continuing the bands atmospheric use of  Flute, Mandolin and violins, the band have introduced Cello and Accordion to enrich the olden age atmospheres further.  Lyrically, Metatron's embodiment of  classic verse brings to life flesh tearing slaughter and clamouring battle carnage,  interwoven with coarse narratives and a collision of guest vocalists, including Thurios from Drudkh/ Astrofaes,  Varggoth [Nokturnal Mortum], Alyona 'Aeterna' [Russia],   Hildr Valkyrie, bleeding vociferous angst  into the music's organic soul.
The bands engine room, Steve Clark, percussion and major song smith. Guitarist, J. Marinos, hold the multi faceted audio experience together in a typically British sound.

Meads of Asphodel have re-issued their classic,  In the name of God, Welcome to Planet Genocide' on cd  with different art work, with 3 bonus tracks taken from a Doom style demo the band did with Sigh around the same time.

also out on vinyl through Purity of Fire records

December 2013 news
Godreah in collaboration with  Diptera has recently released the, Ebonillumini [featuring J.D Tait - Meads of Asphodel] ‘Pacificum' cd, a dark swirling journey into mystical sound-scapes and darkly blackened  tumult.

Nov-2013 news -The Bal-Sagoth '. Apocryphal Tales ' mcd is out now

In 1993, Bal-Sagoth recorded their original demo in an archaic subterranean studio during the depths of winter. The tracks were raw, barbaric and primal black-death metal. The demo was never officially released because the band went directly on to record their debut album for Cacophonous Records shortly thereafter.
Now, to mark the 20th anniversary of those original recordings, the demo shall finally be released on CD and vinyl!
Featuring the tracks as they were originally recorded plus some exclusive bonus material from the archival vaults, as well as full lyrics and new sleeve-notes by Bal-Sagoth vocalist/lyricist Byron Roberts, this long awaited release is a fascinating glimpse into Bal-Sagoth's mysterious and primal past, and is sure to enthrall fans both new and old alike.
Behold... Bal-Sagoth's "APOCRYPHAL TALES"!

RIP to the much  missed Huw Lloyd-Langton who died dec 6th 2012.  A fine fellow indeed and a good friend of the Meads of Asphodel.

OLD CORPSE ROAD - ‘Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom' cd
out now

  'TRIBUTE TO BATHORY' double cd titled, Voices from Valhalla, is out now.  The bands appearing are, Gnaw their Tongues,  Nine Covens,, Folkvang, Meads of Asphodel, Eastern Front, Draconis Infernum, The Wolves of Avalon, Bloodshed Walhalla, Ravens Creed, Gods Tower, Skyforger, Sigh, Nokturnal Mortum, Mael Mórdha, Darkest Era, Deception, Munruthel, Ancient Ascendant, Vrani Volosa, Old corpse Road, Hellsword, Ravens Creed.

There is also be a 30 minute audio interview I did with Quorthon in 1996 [for my Godreah Zine] during the 'Blood on Ice' release.

 ‘SWINES OF HADES, split mcd OUT NOW. This will feature for the first time Evo [Warfare], and Algy Ward [Tank] with a crushing Status Quo cover, Taake, with a cover of GG Allens ‘Die when you die' [featuring Necrobutcher on bass]. Sigh, The Meads of Asphodel, and Thus Defiled [featuring Sakis from Rotting Christ]. Five exlusive tracks,

Full track listing
1. Evo/Algy ‘Tune to the Music'
2. Taake "Die when you die" [featuring Necrobutcher on bass]
2. Sigh  ‘Somniphobia'
3. Meads of asphodel  'There's a God in my Gruel'
4. Thus Defiled  ‘And They Shall Fear The Night  [featuring  Sakis - backing vocals]

Dirty Black Heavy Metal is what this release is all about., Godreah Records keeps the flame of the underground alive with the collaboration of 5 bands that have a long history with the underground and beyond. This is METAL at its most diverse, most rotten and born from the embers of Hell.

Play loud or don't fucking bother.............

Out now,  British Celtic  Pagan metal band, The Wolves of Avalon. Featuring Songsmith JM , and  Metatron from Meads of Asphodel, and Rob Darken from Graveland on guest vocals.The album is titled, Carrion Crows over Camlan.  see release page for more details.

Meads of Asphodel t shirts available. see Godreah releases in Catalogue.

The new Meads album 'The Murder of Jesus the Jew'  out now  on Candlelight.
The Meads of Asphodel/
Old Corpse Road split cd out now. This is a TRUE underground release and reveals two of the finest Black Pagan Metal bands in the UK. Old Corpse Road,  Hailing from the North East , kick off the release with their fiery brand of pagan Black Metal. Lengthy symphonic Songs  meander across traditional English Black Metal sounds-scapes and a deeply brooding pagan atmosphere.

The Meads have always had a Brit Punk underbelly and this has now been driven into renditions of, Doom Hellbastard, Skeptix and Conflict, as well as a lamenting version of the Kinks You Really got Me'.


sonic Black Metal eccentrics, The Meads of Asphodel,  ‘Early Years' cd is out now.  The cd features tracks from the bands 3 demos, plus 2 unreleased Jihad session demos, and various obscure and lost tracks from the bands 1999-2002 line up.

Norwegian band, Abomino Aetas, is one of the most exiting prospects to arise from the icy north for many years, and a testament to the fresh and invigorating music being created in the modern age. The Sower of Death, album is out now.

Firestorm Records and NSM Records are part of Godreah dealing with specific releases.
All Godreah Releases can be viewed on the release page.

Crin the scribe of Godreah Zine and label creator also writes reviews for the English Metal web zine www.live4metal.com

NSBM ; Statement from Godreah Records

Godreah has always supported freedom of speech in its purest form and as such the likes of Anti Christian, NSBM, and on occasions music made by total lunatics will be found in the catalogue. Godreah does not support political views of the aforementioned nature.
To those idiots who moan about NSBM, i say this : Without such movements the past would be
Inevitably forgotten and lessons from specific ages of human history lost from memory. NSBM can serve as a reminder to both sides of a very controversial coin. If you are still croaking in your self righteous...., go and save a third world nation, or resurrect the equally sensitive issues but no less critical, of the Armenian Genocide, or the destruction of the north American Indians by the white man, or even the Irish Potato famines of 1845-49, a British genocide?

Metatron form the Meads of Asphodel has this to say on the subject,

‘NSBM, has obvious grievances towards the Jews, hence its fascist Nazi imagery and stark one dimensional theology. Most NSBM owes much to cultural independence rather than blatant anti Semitism, but this very real and for most, disturbing genre is not necessarily [although by nature] aligned directly to the all consuming aura of Hitler.

Anti-Semitism at its root form is rooted to the early Roman Church, itself an extension of the Roman Empire, both subversive institutions of conversion by persuasion. The Romans levelled Jerusalem in 70BC, killing around a million Jews from a population of three million. With the Roman Empire in decline, its transformation into the Holy Roman Empire through the adopted Judaic cult of Jesus [eventually stripped of all its Judaism] was the next crucial factor in our perceptions of anti-Semitism today. The growth of early Christianity depended on its sellable nature to a Pagan Roman Audience; hence the blame for their Gods death [Jesus] could not be pointed towards a Roman [Pontius Pilate]. The blame was therefore placed firmly on the Jews, and Anti-Semitism was truly born. The Christian religion, already based on debatable foundations grew at an astonishing rate, consuming half the globe, and dragging its dark anti-Semitic guilt with it. The Jews were bundled in groups and ghettos throughout Europe, their main source of survival money lending and their drive to succeed gained wealth and business attributes worldwide. This was the bane of German Fascism, a twisted excuse to drag a nation into the bowels of war.

The whole Jewish question during Hitler's reign is one of the Holocaust, indiscriminate extermination, and calculated cruelty. The systematic destruction of a race had no name at the time, so one was invented for it, Genocide. Whether you accept History's stark truth of gas chambers and deliberate mass murder, or take the revisionist view, [that it never occurred] is neither there nor there. What is important is the freedom to discus without prejudice individual views, and NSBM is a medium for a minority to express those views. It is your choice whether to listen ,but to silence this view is to become the very beast you attempt to muzzle.

My anti-racist views are highlighted in the following lyrical descriptive on the Meads of Asphodel Sonderkommando album found on the following link

It is sad that some brainless morons condemn me for being a racist through my many years of trying to highlight and educate through the medium of music the very obscenities that create Hatred towards another human being.