new arrivals august 2016

Beleth /Moontower / Wings of War "bestial holocaust"-split CD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal split

Moontower "to the dark aeon" -mCD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal

Mordbrann  /Wolfenberg" split CD
Hell is here prod
Polish black metal split

Old Crypt - without skin' cd
dark front rec 2013
russian thrash metal

Titan Mountain "above fangs of majestic stone titans"-CD
Polish black metal originally released in 1999
Re-released in 2014 on CD (lim. 500) by Hell is Here Productions

Wolf Cross 'Black wings in the twilight forest (Live in Yaroslavl 2009)
barbatos rec 2014
russian black metal

New arrivals May 2016

Black Plague Records 2015
Black Metal from Hungary.

Abysmal Growls Of Despair "Between My Dead" CD
Black Plague Records 2015
French funeral doom for fans ok evoken

AQ BURE 'sacred chants' cd
Soundage productions 2015
folk metal from russia

alfar 'twilight of the gods' cd
Soundage productions 2015
viking metal from belarus

BILSKIRNIR "Wotan Redivivus" - CD
Darker than Black Records
Germanic black metal like Nokturnal Mortum and Dub Buk

BETULA - To The Fearless, Merciless, Immortal Ones cd
Vacula Productions 2016
Raw, cold, Ukrainian pagan black metal. totally captivating

CHIRAL "Abisso" CD
Black Plague Records
Italian atmospheric Black Metal.

Cradle of Filth 'the princess of darkness' cd
Track 1 to 4: Recorded live at "Dynamo Open Air Festival", Eindhoven, Holland, May 23, 1999
Track 5 to 10: Recorded live at "Dynamo Open Air Festival", Eindhoven, Holland, May 18, 1997
Track 11 to 13: Recorded live at "Waldrock Festival", Bergum, Holland, May 28, 1997

Doomster Reich 'The League for Mental Distillation' cd
The End of time rec
Polish doom of Sabbathian riffing and the trippy nature of Hawkwind

The End of time rec 2011
Polish doom metal for fans of older Samael and Asphyx

EVIL "Studna"/"The Well"  cd
Devil's Obsession Productions 2015
Slovakian black metal

FROM THE VASTLAND - "Blackhearts" cd
Devil's Obsession Productions 2015
Iranian black meta

Hordak 'Padre' cd
Casus Belli Musica rec 2016
cult spanish pagan metal

The End of time rec 2012
Polish black metal

Black Plague Records
DOOM Metal from USA

kramola 'blood freedom' cd
Soundage productions 2008
russian pagan metal

KAEVUM "Kosmos Erwache!" - CD  
Darker than Black Records
Norwegian Black Metal
For fans of Transylvanian Hunger meets Nattens Madrigal

Mercyful Fate 'Early Sabbath' cd

OLDBLOOD "Possessed By Metal From Hell" cd
Devil's Obsession Productions 2010
Slovakian black thrash

The End of time rec 2013
Polish black metal

SERPENT SEED 'Debris Of Faith' cd
The End of time rec 2014
Polish blackened death metal

SATANAKOZEL 'The Sun of the Dead' cd
Soundage productions 2010
russian pagan metal

smuta 'the way' cd
Soundage productions 2015
russian pagan metal

Wolfmare 'the Sacred Mushroom And The Crows' cd
Soundage productions 2013
russian pagan metal

New arrivals April 2016

Aryanwülf / Krigsrop split cd
Bartatos prod 2015
Burzumesque meets chaotic raw primitive black metal.
USA/ Norwegian nsbm split

Astral Legions "In This, We Conquer' cd
Winter Solace Productions 2015
Black Metal from USA

BLASPHEMY 'Live ritual' Friday the 13th  CD

Hladomrak "Hladomrak" cd
Winter Solace Productions 2013
Swedish black metal

HELA ‎- Broken Cross' cd
doom metal from spain for fans of, The Sword, The Wounded Kings,Blood Ceremony , the Devil's Blood, Witch Mountain

Old Forest 'Dagian' cd
avantgarde music
UK black metal

Santo Rostro 'Santo Rostro ' cd
Odio Sonoro rec 2013

Sunchariot "Warrior of the Winds" cd
Winter Solace Productions 2013
Black Metal from USA

New Arrivals Feb 2016

Wolves of Avalon, , 'Across Corpses Grey’
The title track is be a 30 minute long Prog-Pagan Metal song shifting between
 the past and the ethereal, and features an array of musicians providing, Flute,
 Cello, Violin, and stunning lead guitar work from, Litmus, axe man, Fiddler..
Also on the album on vocals, Thurios [Drudkh], and, Hildr Valkyrie, plus intro
by, Daemonskald (SIG:AR:TYR),
There is also be a special cover of, Venom’s 'Die Hard'
 Plus a cover of Nokturnal Mortems ‘Voice of Steel’

Meads Of Asphodel/Tjolgtjar ‎– Taste The Divine Wrath  split Vinyl, 12",
New split from UK progressive black metal band, Meads of Asphodel, and Tjolgtjar [USA]

The Wolves of Avalon ' 'Die Hard'  7" Vinyl
Featuring original Venom guitarist, Mantas on guitar, along with vocal appearances from,
Alan Averill [Primordial], Rob Miller [Amebix], Mirai [Sigh], Metatron [Meads of

New arrivals Nov 2015

Emperor tribute, In Honour of Icon E' cd
featuring Taake,  Troll, Saltus, Setherial, horna, Helheim, Karpathia, and more

FJORD  "Vor Tru" CD
Totenkopf Propaganda  2009
canadian folk pagan metal

halberd 'remnants of crumbling ' cd
awsome early autopsy meets early Cathedral doom deatly metal

MARDRAUM "Southern Darkness" CD
Totenkopf Propaganda 2015
australian black metal

Onkel Hryum 'Ragnaroll' digi-cd 
Folk thrash metal from Russia.

SVOLDER 'Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars" CD
canadian black metal

New arrivals October 2015

Dolentia 'Iniciação Eversiva' cd
Mordgrimm rec 2015
Black metal from Portugal

Nevoa 'The Absence of Void' slip cd
Altare Productions 2015
Black metal from Portugal

MOLOCH  - Sterben Unter der Blasse Unvermeidlichkeit' cd
Humanity's Plague Prod. 2012

PESTREITER  - Todesweiche' cd
Humanity's Plague Prod.

SKOGR  - In Obscure Darkness' cd
Humanity's Plague Prod.

Skogr & GRAATINDR' cd
Humanity's Plague Prod. 2015
Split cd from the USA/ Noreway

MOLOTH 'Scent of Blood' cd
Lost Reich Rex rec 2010
Russian Ultra grim and hateful black metal

pagan black metal/ Russia

pagan metal/ Russia

WANDERSWORD 'Waiting for War' cd
Firestorm Productions 2012
Melodic Death/Viking Metal

New Arrivals July 2015

Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Italy

DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES - The Final Step Before the Dawn - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Greece

CELTIC DANCE - Ancient Battlecry - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from portugal

Deceased 'supernatural addiction' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
death/ thrash from USA

EXECUTION HILL - King the Gallows - mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2014
Black metal from Czech republic

GEIMHRE - Mollachd - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada

GEIMHRE/ Shade  - For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh - cd
split cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada 

GEHEIMNIS - Ilha De Tormentos' cd
Black metal from Brazil

GNIEU 'vortexe's   cd
Black  metal from Belarus

Midnight 'total hell' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
pure deathly thrash from USA, with a Venom meets, Tank in a Motorhead shitstorm/.

OLD THRONE - O Novo Mundo Pagao' cd
Brazilian black metal

Ritual 'widow' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records
uk NWOBHM reissue
originally appeared in 1983. Similar to the lazy metal of Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General

STORMSTONE - Heirs of All Fights - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Spain

SOLIS OCCASUM 'unholy face of dead' cd
Russian black metal
Symbol of Domination Prod. 2015

SERPENTINE CREATION 'firey winds of Armageddon'  cd
black metal from Bulgaria
Hass Weg Productions  2015

XAOS OBLIVION - Rituals From The Cold Grave - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Poland

Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Italy

DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES - The Final Step Before the Dawn - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Greece

CELTIC DANCE - Ancient Battlecry - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from portugal

Deceased 'supernatural addiction' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
death/ thrash from USA

EXECUTION HILL - King the Gallows - mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2014
Black metal from Czech republic

GEIMHRE - Mollachd - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada

GEIMHRE/ Shade  - For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh - cd
split cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada 

GEHEIMNIS - Ilha De Tormentos' cd
Black metal from Brazil

GNIEU 'vortexe's   cd
Black  metal from Belarus

Midnight 'total hell' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
pure deathly thrash from USA, with a Venom meets, Tank in a Motorhead shitstorm/.

OLD THRONE - O Novo Mundo Pagao' cd
Brazilian black metal

Ritual 'widow' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records
uk NWOBHM reissue
originally appeared in 1983. Similar to the lazy metal of Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General

STORMSTONE - Heirs of All Fights - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Spain

SOLIS OCCASUM 'unholy face of dead' cd
Russian black metal
Symbol of Domination Prod. 2015

SERPENTINE CREATION 'firey winds of Armageddon'  cd
black metal from Bulgaria
Hass Weg Productions  2015

XAOS OBLIVION - Rituals From The Cold Grave - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Poland

Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Italy

DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES - The Final Step Before the Dawn - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Greece

CELTIC DANCE - Ancient Battlecry - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from portugal

Deceased 'supernatural addiction' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
death/ thrash from USA

EXECUTION HILL - King the Gallows - mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2014
Black metal from Czech republic

GEIMHRE - Mollachd - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada

GEIMHRE/ Shade  - For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh - cd
split cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Canada 

GEHEIMNIS - Ilha De Tormentos' cd
Black metal from Brazil

GNIEU 'vortexe's   cd
Black  metal from Belarus

Midnight 'total hell' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
pure deathly thrash from USA, with a Venom meets, Tank in a Motorhead shitstorm/.

OLD THRONE - O Novo Mundo Pagao' cd
Brazilian black metal

Ritual 'widow' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records
uk NWOBHM reissue
originally appeared in 1983. Similar to the lazy metal of Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General

STORMSTONE - Heirs of All Fights - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold
Black metal from Spain

SOLIS OCCASUM 'unholy face of dead' cd
Russian black metal
Symbol of Domination Prod. 2015

SERPENTINE CREATION 'firey winds of Armageddon'  cd
black metal from Bulgaria
Hass Weg Productions  2015

XAOS OBLIVION - Rituals From The Cold Grave - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2015
Black metal from Poland

New arrivals  June 2015

Arcane North / Torver 'From Moonrise to Moonset' cd
Blackwood Productions 2015
2 x UK black/ ambient metal bands

Asmodey - "Dark Spiritual Liberation" cd
Margin art records 2013
CD, lim. 500, 
sublime Russian black metal that brings to life the caustic splendour of early emperor

 BASTARTH - Golden Sun...' cd
Nymphaea Records  2010
Russian Atmospheric Pagan Metal/Ambient 
beautifully cold and majestic like a depressive black metal band at times darkspace and Agalloch creep into the atmospheres as well as drudkh.

Dinkumoil - Metal Weld CD
Dying art prod 2013-07-03 Chinese pagan shamanic metal

Dodsferd - chronaexus  split cd 
Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2013
Greek/ USBM split. Burzum meets Agalloch

Frozen 'ocean likeglydig  Raseri'  cd
Suffering Jesus Productions  2011
Russian black metal that has that melodic kvist atmosphere raging though the guitars spat from a snarling Ildjarn/ Autopsy deathly  howitzer. This is pure head nodding primitive black metal.

HELLVETO 'damneretis' digi cd    
Pagan Records 2012
Polish pagan metal

Sound age rec 2012
Folk pagan metal from Belarus 

MASSEMORD 'A Life-giving Power of Devastation' cd
Pagan Records 2013
Polish black metal 

Meads of Asphodel    'Desolate hymns for a fallen God' cd 2015
album of the bands cover songs

The Meads of Asphodel 'Tales from Bedlam' cd 2015
Best of cd  featuring some un-released material.

Rahvira 'part 1' cd
Pure Nation  2011
Armenian black metal as obscure as the Thor s grave, and just as mesmerizing. This is a kinda mix between the fantastic, PD SS Totenkopf melting into Graveland

Serpent omega 'serpent omega' cd
Mordgrimm Records 2013
Sludge doom metal from Sweden

Severe Strom/ Slavecrushing tyrant - We Will Drown The Dawn in Blood - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2012
Two polish black metal bands performing a masterclass in old school
menacing black metal.

Temnovrat  v molchanii'  cd
Margin Art Records  2010
Russian  black metal like early Gorgoroth

New Arrivals April 2015

BURZUM CD "Anthology-Lord of darkness" cd

BURIAL MIST  'Celestial Ash' CD
Russian black metal

DARKSTORM  '"The mandate of Metal'  CD
The Ritual Productions
Polish black metal

'The Immortal Circle of the Adversary' split cd
The Ritual Productions 2014
Portuguese/ Dutch black metal;

Nakkiga - Amerasu' CD 
Darkwoods rec 2013
blakc metal from spain

Perennial Isolation - Conviction of Voidness' CD
Darkwoods  rec 2014
Spanish black metal

Zinvmm - Beltaine' CD
Darkwoods rec 2014
Black Metal/Folk/Ambient from Spain

New arrivals March 2015

ALTVATER "Chroniken" CD
G.U.C records 2009
Germanic pagan metalk

Bitterness 'Resurrexodus' CD
G.U.C records 2015
German thrash metal

EMIT Spectre Music Of An Antiquary CD DIGIPACK
Crucial blast records

NADJA Desire In Uneasiness CD GATEFOLD 5
Crucial blast records

Crucial blast records

T.O.M.B. Pennhurst / Xesse DIGIPACK CD 
Crucial blast records 2014
Raw black/ noise from US.

WEEDEATER 'Sixteen Tons' CD 
Crucial blast records 2002
sludge doom from US

WOLVSERPENT "Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed" 2xCD 
Crucial blast records 2001
cult doom from USA, for fans of Sunn O)))

Zrymgöll 'Mighty Tavern' CD
G.U.C records 2013
Filk pagan metal from Argentina

New Arrivals Feb 2015

MIELLNIR - Incineration Astern CD
Stygian Crypt productions 2014
Ukrainian pagan metal

TRELLEBORG - Lands Of Njord 
Stygian Crypt productions
Russian pagan metal

VIETAH - Tajemstvy Noczy CD
Stygian Crypt productions 2014
Black metal from Belarus

GRIMNER - Blodshymner CD
Stygian Crypt productions 2014
Swedish Viking folk metal

ENDLESS HORIZON - Annihilation of human beliefs'
Canadian black metal 2012 for fans of Dimmu Borgir

New arrivals December 2014

Die Saat - Wir laden zum feste' CD
Ewiges Eis Records records 2006
Germanic black pagan metal

Die Saat - der Schlachten Tribut' CD
Ewiges Eis Records records 2003
Germanic black pagan metal

DUB BUK 'Cviach' CD
East side records 2014
New album of cult  Ukrainain pgan metal Nokturnal Mortum/ Temnozor

DUB BUK "Mertvy soromu ne imut" CD
East side records 2010
cult  Ukrainain pgan metal Nokturnal Mortum/ Temnozor

Nordafolk Records 2011
Eliwagar plays Norse Romantic Folk Music  or forest & nature based music with a very small neo-folk touch


ELIWAGAR "Fra Hjertet Av Norder" DIGI CD
Nordafolk Records 2012
Eliwagar plays Norse Romantic Folk Music  or forest & nature based music with a very small neo-folk touch

ELIWAGAR "Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden" DIGI CD
Nordafolk Records 2010
Eliwagar plays Norse Romantic Folk Music  or forest & nature based music with a very small neo-folk touch

Hellveto 'Damnaretis' digi cd
pagan records 2012
Polish pagan metal

Hel - Into the abyss' CD
Ewiges Eis Records records 2014
German black metal resiisu on cd of the bands 2013 demo.

Kvalvaag  ‘Noema' cd
Fallen angels productions 2014
Norwegian black metal

Skuggan - Slottet I Ändlöst Mörker' CD
Ewiges Eis Records records 2014
Swedish black metal

SKOLL ‘ Grisera' cd
Ewiges Eis Records records 2013
Italian black metal

STRYVIGOR ‘Forgotten by Ages' CD
Svarga music 2014
Black metal from Ukraine

TWILIGHTFALL 'The Energy of Soul' CD
Svarga music 2014
Melodic death thrash from ukraine

Taekaury ‘Spirit of Koguryo' cd
Fallen angels productions 2014
Black pagan metal from South Korea,

New Arrivals October 2014

Behemoth 'From The Pagan Vastlands' digi cd
Reissue from  2011 by Witching Hour Productions with edited layout and original artwork.

Bulldozer ' POLAND 2011' cd
Witching Hour Productions

Behemoth 'The Satanist 'ECO DIGI PACK +booklet

Behemoth'The Return of the Northern Moon' cd
Reissue from  2011 by Witching Hour Productions with edited layout and original artwork.

Coven 'destiny of the gods' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records 2013,
A reunited  Coven, twenty years after the cult album

Coven 'worship the new gods' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records 2012
Originally released in 1987

Midnight- complete and total hell  cd
Hells Headbangers Records 2012
Heavy metal from USA for fans of Motörhead, Venom and Sodom

Manilla road - Voyager (CD)
Shadow Kingdom Records 2014
originally released in 2004
Heavy metal from USA

Manilla road - Playground Of The Damned (CD)
Shadow Kingdom Records 2011
Heavy metal from USA

Manilla road - Mystification (CD)
Shadow Kingdom Records 2014
Heavy metal from USA
Originally released in 1985
Manilla road - Mysterium (CD)
Shadow Kingdom Records 2013
Heavy metal from USA
Manilla road 'open the gates' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records 2012
originally released in 1985
Heavy metal from USA

 Manilla road 'invasion' cd
Shadow Kingdom Records 2012
originally released in 1980
Heavy metal from USA

Pagan Altar - Judgement Of The Dead (CD)
Hells Headbangers Records
originally released in 2005

 Pagan Altar - Lords Of Hypocrisy (CD)
Hells Headbangers Records
Originally released in 2004

Pagan Altar - Mythical And Magical (CD)
Hells Headbangers Records
originally released in 2006

Pagan Altar 'time lord' cd
Hells Headbangers Records
Originally released in 2004

East side records 2009
Polish pagan metal

SLAVLAND "Echa Wiekow Pradawnych" CD
East side records 2007
Polish pagan metal


New arrivals Sept 2014

Black Cult 'Neo-Satanism" CD - Black Metal.
Black Plague Records

Crown of Fallen Heroes ''Forging a New Hope'' CD
pagan metal from Brazil

DUSK 'In eternal death' cd
Possession Productions

EKOVE EFRITS   'Suicidal rebirth' cd
Possession Productions  2008
black metal from Iran

DUSK 'In eternal death' cd
Possession Productions

EKOVE EFRITS   'Suicidal rebirth' cd
Possession Productions  2008
black metal from Iran

Possession Productions 20012
Russian black metal  

Frost 'From The Dark" CD
Black Plague Records
black metal like early Emperor with a keyboard atmosphere driving the primitive sound onwards

Iberian wolves - Europa CD  
Pagan War Distro Rex 2013
Spanish pagan metal

Idis Orlog - "the spiral tide of seasons" CD.
Wolf Tyr productions,   2014
All songs are acoustic-ambiently recorded, with all acoustic instruments including guitar, shaman drums, vocals, hardanger fiddle, flute and more. The songs are about the shamanic experience,

Kamaedzitca - 13 years of honour CD
Pagan black metal from Belarus
2014 best of release

Likvann 'Furet og Værbitt' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2014
Norwegian black metal

Lord wind 'Heralds of Flight' cd
no colours records

Midvinter "At The Signt Of The Apocalypse Dragon" cd
This is the Re-release of the 1997 original.
2009 on CD by Frostcald Rec.
Cult Swedish black metal for fans of Dissection, Marduk, Mörk Gryning

MERCYLESS Visions from the past 'IVE 1989' cd

M8L8TH ''By the wings of black '' CD
russian black metal

M8L8TH - The black march saga  CD
russian black metal
Pagan War Distro Rex 2014
For fans of Temnozor/ Forest.

Perihelion "Perihelion" CD
Black Plague Records
Death metal like old Demigod meets Obituary

Rotting Christ 'Non serviam live '95 + Ade's winds' CD

Slow 'Unsleep CD - Doom Metal.
Black Plague Records 2014
Funeral doom from USA,

Stworz - Cóz po zyznych ziemiach..' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2014
Polish pagan metal

Samael   'Medieval prophecy + From dark to black + Live '91 CD

Tormentor       'Live in hell CD live 1986/88'

Nazghor "Through Darkness And Hell" CD
Black Plague Records 2014
Swedish black metal

TREBLINKA  "Severe abobination" CD
pro boot of demo's

Black plague rec
split cd frm Hungary/ sweden

Winterfront 'northwinds' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2014
Black metal from Croatia

New arrival July 2014

Cauterization  'Males Infestus ' digi-cd
Grindhouse Music 2011
black death metal from Brazil for fans of Cannibal corpse, Behemoth, Vital Remains

drowning the light 'splits, ep's collection'
dark adversary rec 2013
cult australian black metal.

Hyperborean Frost "Warriors of Eternally Cold Land" cd
Depressive Illusions Records
Russian black metal

Karnak 'the cult of death' cd
Grindhouse Music  2013
death metal from italy for fans of old Deicide/ Meshuggah

Rex Shachath 'Sepulchral Torment ' digi-cd
Grindhouse Music 2012
death metal from UK for fans of  Grave,  Morbid Angel, Asphyx

resurrected 'morbus' digi -cd
godeater records 2012
grindcore from germany
new ep with MASSACRE  cover

Sventoyar - Our Strength' cd
Ukrainian pagan metal

New arrivals June 2014

Bilskirnir "Wotan Redivivus" - CD
Darker than Black records 2013
Germanic Black Metal with hints of early Burzum/ Graveland/

Bilskirnir "In Flames of Purification/Totenheer" - CD
Darker than Black records
Germanic Black Metal with hints of early Burzum/ Graveland/ 2 albums on one cd,

Endless Battle "Brotherhood Of Hate" CD
Werewolf Promotion & Ancient Nation records 2013
Ukranian blakc metal

Fargrimm  / Zwartplaag 'United Wolfish Hordes'  CD
Thor's Hammer Productions 2011
Germanic/ Dutch split cd

From the  Bogs of Aughiska / Dark Ages - Am Gorta' cd
Irish/ Ukranian split cd
Dark ambient

Hermitage 'Blood of the true' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2013
Uk blakc metal

Jar - Panavannie Pahanstva' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2013
Pagan folk from Belarus

Khors 'mysticum' digi-cd
Ukranian blakc metal reissue
Viking era Bathory/ Demonaz meets Tiamat

Lepra 'Tonge of devil prayers' cd
Werewolf Promotion  2014
Hungarian black metal

Ildra "Edelland" - CD
Darker than Black records
Pagan black metal fro UK, like middle era Graveland meets Wodensthrone with a Bathory spine

Runenthor 'Wolfshauter' cd
Pagan Beliefs. 2013
Germanic pagan metal

Sirin "Moja Otcina" CD
Ancient Nation Productions 2009
Slovakian pagan metal

Stworz - Blask Wiecznego Ognia' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2012
Polish pagan metal - . This album is a compilation of tracks from 2008 demo "Blask nad Wiecznymi Lasami" and 2009 split album "The Art of Fire

Slagbjorn "Mørkt og Jævlig" - digi-CD
Darker than Black records 2014
Norwegian black metal

Svartsyn "Aandens Melankoli" digi - CD
Darker than Black records
Norwegian black metal
Re issue on cd of the cult 1996 mlp.

Wedrujjacy Wiatr - Tam Gdzie Miesia.....' cd
Werewolf Promotion 2013
Polish atmospheric black metal

Skaur "Nordnorsk Svartmetall" digi- cd
Darker than Black records 2013
Norwegian black metal

Skaur "Gravoel" - CD EP
Darker than Black records 2014
Norwegian black metal

Zgard "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset" - CD
Darker than Black records 2012
Pagan metal from Ukraine

New arrivals april 2014

Asmodey - "Dark Spiritual Liberation" cd
Margin art records 2013
CD, lim. 500,
sublime Russian black metal that brings to life the caustic splendour of early emperor

Besatt 'hail lucifer/ roots of evli' cd
Re-release of the groundbreaking Besatt material with EP on one CD

Black Lake 'Blues'
Deleting soul records 2013
CD, lim. 500, atmospheric dark / black metal

black howling 'this rain is the weeping of forefathers' cd
A co-release between Discipline Productions and Legion Blotan Records & Distribution. 2012

Flegethon 'Cry of the ice wolves II'
Mercy despise records.

Graveland 'pamiec i'   cd
Completely new and Powerful Sound with new recorded drums, vocals, choirs and real violin recorded by Alruna form Lord Wind.

Graveland 'Creed of iron/ prawo stali' cd
with new mix and mastering

graveland 'Celtic winter' cd
First time use other mix nowhere to be published for 20 years!!
Amazing SOUND Remastered in False-Sun.
Alternatives Bonus Tracks!

Graveland 'In the Glare of Burning churches' cd
First time remastered! with 4 never publisged bonus tracks.

Lebensabend "Blood is Always Nameless" cd
Margin art records 2011

Khladnovzor / In Tenebriz - Ventus Oblivioni" - Split cd
Deleting soul records 2013

MARGG 'Balkhorno Horn' (EP) cd
Margin art records 2011

Meads of Asphodel - In the name of God, Welcome to Planet Genocide' [re issue] on cd
different art work
with 3 bonus tracks taken from a Doom style demo the band did with Sigh around the same time.

Old Fire/ Wings of War  split cd
Co-release with Hell is Here prod/ Legion Blotan. CD limited to 500/ 2013Sad 'Skygger I Ruiner' cd
Metal Throne Productions 3013

White medal/ Caina split cd
Legion Blotan Records & Distribution 2011

New arrivals Feb 2014

Borknagar 'borknagar' cd
Hammerheart Records  2012 ?  re-issue
Norwegian cult black metal

CORONER    'No More Color'    CD
Cult thrash metal from Switzerland for fans of possessed, Celtic frost,

CRUACHAN    'Tuatha Na Gael' cd
This is the re issue in 2001 through Hammerheart Records. It includes the entire Promo '97 demo as a bonus:
10. Return , 11. Erinsong , 12. Óró Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile

DISSECTION   'The Past is Alive' cd
Karmageddon Media  2005
Features almost all old Dissection demo songs. The last two tracks are performed by Satanized.
this is the Re-release  by Karmageddon Media in 2005 with two bonus tracks and different cover art:

DIMMU BORGIR  ' Destroying Tilburg' cd 2001
2006, pro cd/
good live recording of Dimmu Borgir.

IRON ANGEL   'Winds of War'    CD
Hammerheart Records
Re issue of the 1986 album, including Remastered  7 live bonus track from "HELLISH CROSSFIRE"Tour in 1985

The Meads of Asphodel - Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua' cd £7
bonus tracks
Book of Dreams  (from original limited version of release)
My Black Philosophy  [original 80 grains of sand demo]
God to Rome (2011 Re-make)

The Meads of Asphodel - Damascus Steel' cd £7
bonus tracks
Beyond Death and Darkness (from original limited version of release)
Hidden Track
Creed of Abraham (demo version)
Hollow Womb of Suicide (demo version)

MAYHEM    'Pure Fucking Armageddon' cd
die hard rec.
This edition of Pure Fucking Armageddon is released an an honourable tribute to Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous
originally recorded anno 1986 C.E. in Hell

Primalfrost    ‘Chapters of Time'    mcd  
Cnd records 2012
Canadian folk deathly metal

SLAYER    'San Francisco 1985'    CD
Pro cd/ 2009
Rough, but listenable live cd. For fans only

TRELLDOM    'Til Et Annet' cd

THYRFING    'Vansinnesvisor' cd
Hammerheart Records
Swedish Viking metal

The Unconscious Mind ‘Where philosophers fall' CD
Cnd records 2012
Canadian melodic death metal

VADER    'Reborn in Chaos' cd
Hammerheart Records  2012
bar code  HHR2012-04
polish death thrash metal

VARIOUS ARTISTS  'Nordic Metal'   A Tribute To Euronymous   CD
Hammerheart Records re issue
Ridiculously good tribute, a true cult release in its day and now.

  new arrivals dec 2013

ANCESTORS BLOOD   "A moment of clarity" CD
Heidens Hart Records 2013
finnish pagan black metal

Bal-Sagoth ' APOCRYPHAL TALES (DEMO 1993)  cd
godreah records  2013

Barshasketh - Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom digipack CD
Re-release in 2013 by Razed Soul Productions
black metal from newzealand

Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom
Seven Bloodied Ramparts 2010
Uk heathen doom [limited 200]

Dodsferd - chronaexus  split cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2013
Greek/ USBM split. Burzum meets Agalloch

Drowning the Light - The Serpents Reign' cd
Razed soul records 2013
Cult Australian black metal

Fyrdsman 'omen in the sky' cd
mordgrim rec 2013
uk pagan metal          

GRENDEL'S SLEEP - 'EP 1 2013' digi
king penda
English folk with acoustic guitar, flute, female lead vocals and male tenor.

HEIMDALLS WACHT   "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" CD
heidens art rec 2013
germanic pagan black metal

Khephra - L'Arcano Del Mondo  cd
MalEventum rec2013
Itallian black metal

Manzer "Light of the Wreckers" CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2013

Manzer "Pictavian Invasion in Malaysia" CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2013
live album/ french thrash metal

Mondsaal - In the chaos of the Dark' cd
Hell division prod 2013
Russian dark apocalyptic metal

Monarque/Sorcier Des Glaces  split cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions 2012
canadian blakc metal split

Nordland 'the true cult'  cd
Glorious North Productions 2013
Uk black metal like immortal meets bathory.

SYMBEL - 'Gyddigg...Possessed by the Rage of Wod'
king penda records 2013
uk pagan metal

SALUTE - The Underground' cd
uk deathly punk like a rabid hellbroth of Celtic Frost/ discharge and that Punk darkthrone miasma.

Severe Strom/ Slavecrushing tyrant - We Will Drown The Dawn in Blood - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2012
Two polish black metal bands performing a masterclass in old school
menacing black metal.

Taakeferd 'Nar Sirkelen Brytes' digi cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions
norwegian black metal

Temnozor  - Folkstrom of the Azure Nights'  cd
Morbid Winter Records. 2005
Russian cult pagan black metal like Drudkh/ Nokturnal Mortem

Written in torment 'bellum omnium' cd
Glorious North Productions 2013
uk black metal

New arrivals  'Nov 2013

Vredehammer  "Mintaka" MCD
Black Plague Records 2013
Norwegian black metal

Absurd "Asgardsrei" cd
Totenkopf Propaganda ? 2012
Germanic black metal

Aptorian Demon  'libertus' cd
Undercover Records 2012
Norwegian black metal

BILSKIRNIR "Wotan Redivivus" - CD
Darker Than Black Records 2013
Germanic black metal

Fir Bolg "Towards Ancestral Lands' cd
Schwarzdorn Production  2013
French pagan black metal

Isvind  'Dark waters' cd
Undercover Records
Classic re-issue of this Norwegian black metal band

Kaevum  "Natur" - CD
Darker Than Black Records 2012
Norwegian black metal

Khors "Abandoned Leaves" digi CD
Eclectic Productions 2013
Black metal from Ukraine [live album]

Morrigan 'Dianans whisper' cd
Undercover Records 2013
Cult Germanic pagan black metal

Order of the Death's Head "Hakenkreuz" cd
Greek ns black metal

Primitive Graven Image 'Traversing the Awesome Night' cd
Ukem records
UK black Metal

Swarost -Brzask
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2013
Polish black metal

Skaur "Nordnorsk Svartmetall" - Cdig
Darker Than Black Records 2011
Norwegian black metal

Serpent omega 'serpent omega' cd
Mordgrimm Records 2013
Sludge doom metal from Sweden

The Slow Death  cd
Aurora Australis Records
Australian deathly doom

Totenwolf 'Nightpath of pest' cd
Russian black metal
Mordgrimm Records 2012

New arrivals Oct 2013

Sound age rec 2013
Folk pagan metal from Belarus

Sound age rec 2012
Folk pagan metal from Belarus

Sound age rec 2012
Doom deathly pagan metal

Russian folk metal 2012

Polish folk metal

RUYAN - Heritage' digi cd
Cdm rec 2010
Russian pagan metal

Varjot prod 2008
Russian folk pagan metal

Smuta -NA SEVER' cd
Sound age rec 2013
 2013Russian pagan metal

Vik histomedia rec 2011
Russian folk

Veda 'tainyuh dorog' cd
Sound age rec 2012
Russian folk metal

New arrivals August 2013

BLAZE OF PERDITION  'The  heirphant' cd
Pagan Records 2011
Polish black metal

Demonic slaughter 'downfall' cd
Pagan Records 2013 polish black metal

Dinkumoil - Metal Weld CD
Dying art prod 2013-07-03 Chinese pagan shamanic metal

Fenrisulf Eternal Inheritance cd

Graveland 'Celtic winter' slip cd     
Warheart Records 2013
Re release of the cult demo with bonus tracks

Graveland 'glare churches' slip cd   
Warheart  Records 2013
Re release of the cult demo with bonus tracks

HELLVETO 'damneretis' digi cd    
Pagan Records 2012
Polish pagan metal

MASSEMORD 'A Life-giving Power of Devastation' cd
Pagan Records 2013
Polish black metal

aurora australis rec 2011
UK pagan metal

solemn curse 'gateways to eternity'
mordgrimm records

tengger Cavalry - Blood Sacrifice Shaman CD
Dying art prod 2013
Chinese pagan shamanic metal

Tengger Cavalry - Black steed CD
Dying art prod 2013-07-03 Chinese pagan shamanic metal

solemn curse 'gateways to eternity'
mordgrimm records

THEUDHO 'When Ice Crowns the Earth' CD
aurora australis rec 2012
pagan metal from beligium

Volospa 'asa' cd
aurora australis rec 2011
Norwegian viking matel

New arrivals  June/ July

Acolyte - Alta CD
mordgrimm rec 2013
uk black metal

AHNENGRAB ‘omen' cd
Einheit prod 2012
Germanic pagan black metal

Blaze of perdition 'Towards the Blaze of Perdition' cd
Warheart rec 2013
this is the re release of the polish black metal cult album orginally unleashed by Putrid Prophet Productions  in 2010.

encoffination  ‘o hell, shine in thy whited sepulchures' ' cd
self made god records 2011
Doom deathly metal

Elderwind - Волшебство живой природы
Deleting Soul Records  2012
Russian black metal like drudkh and Burzum

Fenrisulf ‘Eternal Inheritance' cd
Zero dimensional records 2013
Japanese black metal

Finsterforst  zum tode hin.. cd
 Einheit prod 2009
Germnaic Viking pagan metal

Gaktungar - Gisturgh' cd
Dark East Productions 2012
Russian black metal

Graveland ‎- Pamięć I Przeznaczenie' cd
warheart rec 2012
polish pagan metal
This is the re-recording/ polish version of the Memory and destiny' album.

Kanashimi/ Hikari to Yami' cd
Zero dimensional records 2012
Split Japanese black metal release.

lychgate 'lychgate' cd
mordgrimm rec 2013
uk black metal like mid era Emperor

mosquito control 'Destroyed Beyond Redemption' cd
mordgrimm  rec 2013
Torturous Sludge/Doom Metal from Auckland, New Zealand

Mortes Saltantes ‘Yomi Kafeli' cd
Zero dimensional records 2013
Japanese black metal similar to early Sigh

OAKENSHIELD ‘legacy' cd
Einheit prod 2012
Folk pagan metal from UK

Obscuredream-Rise...New Empire' cd
Cold Woods Productions 2013
raw, cold, suffocating, black metal from china

Original Sin - Cure' digi- cd
Cold Woods Productions 2013
brooding black metal from China.

pale mist 'Where the Darkness Is Praised' cd
Sinister Stench Productions 2012
uk black metal

Panopticon 'Kentucky' cd
Pagan Flames Productions 2010
blackened insanity from USA.

Runes of the Evening 'Runes of the Evening' cd
mordgrimm rec 2013
melodic black metal frm USA,  like dissection Immortal, Naglfar

satans satyrs  wild beyond belief
trash king prod 2012
biker thrashing metal

SIG:AR:TYR 'Godsaga' cd
Morbid Winter Records 2010
Canadian pagan viking metal

SIG:AR:TYR 'Sailing the Seas of Fate' cd
Morbid Winter Records 2005
Canadian pagan viking metal

sol axis  ‘to mark the ages' cd
2009 compilation of all the bands output to date.
Irish black metal like Satyricon- and has 2 decent Bathory covers.

Yolwolf  - Thorns - horns' cd
yar prod 2012
Russian black metal like forest/  drudkh

New arrivals April/ May 2013

balam 'balam' cd
mordgrimm rec 2013
Doom from USA

Dark Armageddon „Flammenmeer" cd
Immortal blood rec
german black metal

Dark Armageddon "Unerreicht von Gottes Licht" cd
Immortal blood rec
German black metal

Frijgard - Nebelwacht' cd
Bergstolz rec 2011
Swiss pagan black metal

Forgotten Spell "Desecrated, Decayed and Still Holy" cd
Immortal blood rec
Germanic black metal

FÖRGJORD "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen " CD
Hammer of hate rec 2008
Finnish black metal

Hatesworn - Transcend Moral
Bergstolz rec 2012
Swiss black metal

Helslakt - Corruption' cd
Bergstolz rec 2012
Swiss black metal

MENHIR - Thuringia' cd
Perverted taste 2003
germanic pagan metal

Moloch - Spectral shades of the spiritual negativism' digi cd
Cold Woods Productions  2012
Ukrainian black metal

Menegroth - Menegroth' cd
This is the 2010 re-release by BergStolz on CD limited to 500 copies
Swiss black metal

NATTFOG: Mustan Auringon Riitti CD
Hammer of hate rec 2012
Finnish black metal

Obscuredream-Rise...New Empire' cd
Cold Woods Productions 2013
raw, cold, suffocating,  black metal from china

Rabenschrei/Wolfssang (Split CD)
Immortal blood rec
Germanic black metal

Rivendell ‘farewell, the last dawn' cd
Perverted taste 2005
Cult Austrian folk pagan black metal

Schattenfang "Abgründe" cd
Immortal blood rec 2013
Germanic black metal

Shining - The Darkroom Sessions' cd
Perverted taste 2004
Swedish depressive black metal

sorgeldom  ‘Vithatten' cd
frostcald rec 2011
Swedish black metal

Udainsakr „Same" cd
Immortal blood rec 2003
Germanic black metal

Vidar „Blutschatten" cd
Immortal blood rec 2012
Germanic death folk metal
Vidar „Waffentanz" cd
Immortal blood rec 2010
Germanic bdeath/ folk  metal

Wacht / Dunkelheit - Split cd
Bergstolz rec 2012
Swiss black metal split
new arrivals feb 2013

ankhagram 'thoughts' cd
endless winter records 2012
Russian doom metal like my dying bride

BATTALION - Welcome to the warzone - CD
Shiver Records 2008
death metal from belgium

decrepitaph 'forgotten scriptures' cd
Selfmadegod Records  2012
death metal from usa

Eibon eibon' mc
Aesthetic Death 2008
Sludge/Doom Metal from France / Black Sabbath

Fatum elisum ‘homo nihilis' cd
Aesthetic Death 2011
Doom death from france for fans of  Reverend Bizarre, Count Raven, St. Vitus ,  Sabbath, my dying bride

falling leaves 'mournful cries' cd
endless winter records
atmospheric doom metal from Jordan, like my dying bride  meets early moonspell/ anathema

goatpsalm 'erset la tari' cd
Aesthetic Death Records  2012
dark ambient bleak industrial noise from Russia

haiku funeral  'nightmare painting' cd
Aesthetic Death Records  2012
french noise drone

Hades archer ‘The Curse Over Mankind‘ cd
Holycaust Records  2012

Murkrat 'drudging the mire' cd
Aesthetic Death 2001
Australian doom

MYRKVAR - Als een woeste horde - CD
Shiver Records 2008
folk viking metal from netherlands

MYRKVAR - As en bloed - CD
Shiver Records 2012
folk viking metal from netherlands

necrosadist 'abstract satan' cd
Daemon Worship Productions  2012
raw black metal from cyprus

Neftaraka ‎ 'Morts' cd
Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records  2012
Malaysian black metal

shadows of the crypt 'cryptic communications' cd
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2012
black metal from USA

SPEEDWOLF - Ride With Death cd
hellheadbangers 2011
usa thrash speed metal

the null collective 'de monstris' cd
Aesthetic Death
funeral doom

WITCH CROSS - Fit For Fight cd
hellheadbangers 2012
re issue of this danish 1984 metal cult classic

New arrivals Jan 2013

Battle dagorath ‘eternal throne'cd
this is the Re-release by Cold Dimensions in April 2009.
Usbm like Emperor's ‘In the Nightside Eclipse' in some ways with hints of Summoning, and the ambient side of Vinterriket

Einfall  ‘The Art To Enslave - CD
Black Devastation Records  2009
Russian black metal like Satyricon , The Age of Nero era.

Feskarn 'raise your swords' cd
Pesttanz Klangschmiede 2012
Swedish viking black metal like classic summoning

NJIQAHDDA  ‘The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death CD
Pagan Flames Productions  2011
Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic from USA for fans of Blut Aus Nord or Deathspell Omega and the deathly bile of Gorguts

Pagan Flames Productions
Wolves In The Throne Room Agalloch, Nadja, Velvet Cacoon

old forest 'int the old forest' digi cd
mordgrimm rec 2012
Mordgrimm has re-released the classic debut album from the cult U.K. horde in a digipak format with new artwork. A pean to early Emperor, Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Beherit; the old gods of Black Metal.

Pagan Flames Productions 2010

Sõjaruun ‘Org - CD
Black Devastation Records  2009
Estonian pagan black metal

Scavenger 'Madness to Our Method ' cd
Sentinel 2004
Irish metal meets doomy Kyuss  like atmospheres and a solid  Judas Priest  body.

Svarttjern "Misanthropic Path of Madness" cd
Schwarzdorn Production  2009
Norwegian black metal

windhand 'windhand' cd
Forcefield Records 2011
great sabath influenced doom from usa that oozes that early cathedral/ sleep/ electric wizard groove

Wolven ancestry ‘silence of the boreal' cd
Archaic North Entertainment 2009
Canadian black metal that falls pretty comfortably into the Dimmu Borgir variant on Emperor's original formula

A Tribute To Emperor - In Honour Of Icon E CD First official tribute norwegian icon Emperor with bands Taake, Helheim, Setherial, Horna, Troll, Demonical, Svartlav, Saltus, Infer, Midnight Oddysey, Silva Nigra, Necrodeath, Karpathia, Ancestral Volkhves, Mesmerized, Crionics. More 80 inutes, 16 tracks, sound from Necromorbus must have it!!!

new arrivals Nov/ dec 2012

AVENGER "Feast of Anger Joy of Despair' cd
Grom records 2009
fantastic black thrashing metal from Czech Republic that evokes the classic moments of early Behemoth, Emperor [without keys], Masters Hammer, and dissection. This is kick ass and stunnung.

herdron parat rec 2012

Blutvial 'Curses Thorns Blood' digi cd
Mordgrimm rec 2011
uk black metal  like Tsjuder gorgoroth, Mayhem.

DISIPLIN "Molti Nemici - Molto Onore" cd
Frenteuropa Records 2009
Norwegian Black Metal

Dodsferd ‘Hammering Brutally Your Cross' cd
Misanthropic Art Productions 2011
Cult greek black metal

morbid winter rec 2011
canadian black metal

Iron and blood (Hungarian folk songs]
Hungaryan Records 2012
Hungarian pagan metal bands cover old folk songs

Mek Na Ve ‘Heresy' cd
Misanthropic Art Productions 2010#
Black metal form Italy

Nathorg - Beyond the Gates of Nathorg CD
mordgrimm 2012
iranian black metal

Old Corpse Road 'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres we Haunt this Kingdom' cd
 UK black metal/ symphonic/ folk 2012 like Cradle of Filth meets Sabbat,

Old forest 'into the old forest' digi pac
re-released of uk black metal bands 1999 cult album

PANYCHIDA - Woodland Journey' cd
herdron parat rec 2011

Runes Of Dianceht ‎- Runes Of Dianceht' cd
Battlelord Productions 2007
grisly and raw black metal from the ukraine. This is like an old darkthrone demo tape bursting from a Burzum rehearsal session.

shadows from the crypt 'beyond the grace' cd
usbm 2011

Shaidar Logoth - "Chapter I" Digi-CD
mordgrimm rec 2012
usbm, cold raw and icy to the bone black metal

Suicidal Madness / Sombre Croisade 'Molasar Dream's' cd
Darker than black split cd
french depressive black metal split cd

Tunes Of Despair 'From Beyond The Vein' cd
Misanthropic Art Productions
depressive black doom from Finland

The Last Knell ‘Æon Vmbra Genesis' cd
Misanthropic Art Productions 2011
Black Metal from Chile

Volkolak "Disappear"
crushthe desert records 2012
Russian pagan folk like the earthy traditional music of  korpiklaani, folkearth, Jar, Pagan Reign.
This has little Metal elements as it is a pure Folk pagan release.

New Arrivals  Sept/ Oct 2012

 BASTARTH - Golden Sun...' cd
Nymphaea Records  2010
Russian Atmospheric Pagan Metal/Ambient
beautifully cold and majestic like a depressive black metal band at times darkspace and Agalloch creep into the atmospheres as well as drudkh.

CELTIC FROST - Into The Crypts (CD)
Features a rehearsal from june 1984 and a live show from 1986. Professionaly manufactured CD
live rehersal 6-84

Dissident - A cog in the wheel' cd
Nordland  2000
rac punk metal from sweden that has hints or Skrewdriver/ Rawhowa, Fortress. This has that age old Ian Stuart vocal style.

Stygian Crypt Productions 2006
epic folk/Viking played by a wealth of musicians from numerous bands including  

Stygian Crypt Productions 2008
Stygian Crypt Productions 2009

Stygian Crypt Productions 2008

Stygian Crypt Productions
Stygian Crypt Productions.

Fyrdung - Hyperborea' cd
Nordiska Förlaget  2007
Swedish deathly blackened metal like dissection in many ways and Emperor [without the keys] in others. At times evoking a pagan feel

Fyrdung - Revolution' cd
Nordiska Förlaget  2005
Third album from this popular Swedish WP rock band. Their music is hard and heavy RAC, mostly with Swedish lyrics. Catchy and melodic. It has that thick guitar sound of hypocrisy and amon amarth. In many ways a Swedish melodic death album that hints fo those past masters, in flames, dark tranquillity.
I can't recommend this enough to fans of this style of music [politics aside]

Gnome 'silent scream cd'
Zero Dimensional Records 2012
black metal fom japan, screeching vocals and crawling atmospheres,  raw, primitive and oozing with menace. like burzum Xasthur, with sighs lead breaks and swooning sound-scapes

Huata - Atavist of Mann'  cd
Throatruiner Records 2011
french stonner doom metal

 The Howling Void - megaliths of the abyss CD
Black Plague Records  2009
drone blackened funeral doom from usa, a wonderfully keyboard driven piece of doom. In some ways like very early my dying bride

Holdaar - Twilight Of The Gods Children' cd
Nymphaea Records
ruthlessly deathly Black Metal from Russia

Imperium Dekadenz / Vargsheim
Düsterwald Produktionen 2011
Germanic black metal split for fans of TAAKE, DARKTHRONE and NARGAROTH

Immortal Pride - proPAGANda' cd
Heathen Noise 2011
raw fast black metal from USA, This is putrid primitvism and gut gnawing black metal for purists only.

Mütiilation ‎- Desecrate Jesus' Name
The Black Legions rec 2011
Live In Marseille, France (2001)

Onset of Twilight - A Tribute to Bathory
Monster nation 2012
7" vinyl Tribute to Bathory with bands SORTS / CALES
Sorts - Baptised in Fire and Ice [Bathory Cover]
Cales - The Golden Walls of Heaven [Bathory Cover]
SATYRICON "Ravens Over Europe"
black metal rec 2011
Live At Baroeg 12-04-96 (Sound Board Recording)

Svarun - Slavia' cd
Nymphaea Records
Serbian Sympho Progressive Folk Metal like therion meets Withering Surface
Varulv  'Hellish Presence' cd
Naturmacht Productions  2011
Austrian black metal for fans of Burzum, Mayhem, older Satyricon and even Dissection/ Amon Amarth.

 VALKYRIA - Förfäders stämmor' cd
Nordiska Förlaget    2004
Swedish nationalist folk metal like a cross of viking era bathory and enya

Vikhr "Wind Chill" cd
7.62 Productions 2012
Russian metal that oozes that fantastic underground atmosphere  of  early -mid era darkthrone and Gorgoroth.
 This has that ,melody and catchiness so illusive on many bands who try to emulate this style. Its simple music but not that easy to do well.


New additions Aug/  2012

ACARUS SARCOPT "The First Day With No Sun" 2CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2012
French black metal
Compilation featuring CD 1 = First album /  CD 2 = Demos

ANGMAR "Cénotaphe (Lost Tracks)" CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2012
French black metal that oozes those classic nordic sounds of the early ninnies. Borknagar/ Emperor/ Ulver [without the keyboards] Has a killer Bathory cover ‘shores in flames'

Blackshore 'legion' cd
Düsterwald Produktionen  2012
German black metal  

evil 'pure black evil' cd
Hammer of damnation 2011
Brazilian cult black metal like Burzum/ Drudkh

emptiness 'emptiness'  cd
Deleting Soul Records  2010
Russian raw black metal like early Mayhem/

Frozen 'ocean likeglydig  Raseri'  cd
Suffering Jesus Productions  2011
Russian black metal that has that melodic kvist atmosphere raging though the guitars spat from a snarling Ildjarn/ Autopsy deathly  howitzer. This is pure head nodding primitive black metal.

DRAGOBRATH "WhisperHerbs"  cd
Murderous Production
Ukrainian black pagan metal.  Like Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda  and Drudkh

STRIBOG "U Okovima Vjecnosti"  cd
Murderous Production

Black Plague Records  2003
orchestral symphonic pagan metal from poland

HELLVETO "Prelude To Dying" CD
Black Plague Records  2005
orchestral symphoni pagan metal from poland

Grime 'Grime' mcd
mordgrimm rec 2012
sludge doom from italy like  grief, Huata,  Electric Wizard   and fistula

Govnilium 'derme' cd
Mercy Despise  2011
russian doom metal that has a strange Bathory 'Hammerheart' era atmosphere, albeit twisted into a darkly raw form.

KLOOTZAK "Bloodlust" CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2011
French heavy thrash metal

 'Magnam Mortem Transcendere' cd
Hammer of damnation rec 2010
argentinian black metal-flirtations

NOMED "Thrashing Insanity" 2CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2011
French thrash metal
Compilation of rare and obscure tracks

NUNSLAUGHTER - DemoSlaughter [2011 Edition] 2xCD
Hells Headbangers Records
Deathly thrashing rage from US
At last, for the first time ever, all 6 of the cult demo recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled "DEMOSlaughter". Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously only been available as individual cassettes & 7" EPs with very limited circulation throughout their 22-year history. Also included exclusively for this release, obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before.

Rahvira 'part 1' cd
Pure Nation  2011
Armenian black metal as obscure as the Thor s grave, and just as mesmerizing. This is a kinda mix between the fantastic, PD SS Totenkopf melting into Graveland.

Sigh 'scorn defeat' cd
Hammer of damnation rec re-issue
with 6 x venom covers as bonus tracks   
Thallium 'Armanenschaft' cd
Hammer of damnation 2008
pagan black metal from Brazil. This is so European in sound and very brooding like Graveland / infernum, veles

Temnovrat  v molchanii'  cd
Margin Art Records  2010
Russian  black metal like early Gorgoroth

TORK RAN "Tales of Death" 2CD
Armée de la Mort Records 2011
French speed thrashing metal
DCD: Disc 1: Track 1- 6: "Tales of Death" Demo (1990), Tracks 7-16: Live in Montreuil-Bellay (12/05/1990). Disc 2: Tracks 1-14: "Haatrrh" Live Demo (1988), Tracks 15-22: Rehearsals (1987/1988)

THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - The Royal Arch Blaspheme CD
Hells Headbangers Records 2008
Black metal from USA  with Imperial from Krieg and John Gelso from Profanatica.

 The Howling Void - megaliths of the abyss CD
Black Plague Records  2009
drone blackened funeral doom from usa, a wonderfully keyboard driven piece of doom. In some ways like very early my dying bride

Vyvoroten  'with last drop' cd
dark front rec 2012
Russian black metal CD, Limited to 500 copies in jewel box.
Purely instrumental, atmospheric, dark and depressive black metal with ambient fragments
The release includes demo'2008 "With the last drop of melt water" (track 1-10) and album'2011 "In the ground". (track 11-21)

ZREC "Pameti"   cd
Murderous Production  2012
czech folk/ pagan metal

new additions July 2012

Autarcie "Epoque Révolue. CD
Dernier Bastion 2012
French black metal, raw and primitive like the emperor demo feel.
Great underground black metal

ARVAS ‘ Blessed From Below' cd
Odium Rex  rec  2009
Norwegian black metal  Part of this album could be a collection of
outtakes from Mayhem's De Mysteriis album, so close are the

Bilskirnir' In Flames of Purification / Totenheer  cd
darker than black rec 2008
originally appearing in 2003/ 2003.
germanic cult black metal. one of the best releases from this band,
pure graveland atmospheres and raw emotion.

BASTION "Dawn of Svarog" cd
Der Schwarze Tod 2011
Russian pagan metal

Bombarder ‘Speed Kill' cd
re-release  through Walk Records
[originally appraeed in 1989]
Bosnian thrash /  raw speed heavy metal influenced by Motorhead and Exciter.

DUB BUK 'Under   the Solar Sign' digi cd/ ep
eastside rec 2012
polish pagan metal/ Recorded in 2002. Includes 2 experimental ambient
tracks and Burzum cover in special version.

sound age rec 2011
russian pagan metalThis has that hypnotic burzum style of long meandering blackened
metal, this is one long 20 minute track.

Eliwagar  'memories' cd
iron age records

GRIVF /SOL split cd
Iss / The Great Plague Imperium
Ván Records 2010 2 x Danish funeral doom death bands. 3 tracks by each
band, starting with grivf, a slithering, crawling doom feast for all
depressive heads everywhere. Sol are a vile demo era paradise lost
meets my dying bride funeral wrist severing band. Skeptism,

GRIMNIR "Iced Breath of North" cd
Der Schwarze Tod  2012
Ruthless pagan black metal from russia.

grai  ;O ZEMLE RODNOI' cd
sound age rec 2011
pagan folk metal from russia for fans of oprich,  butterfly temple, arkona,

leshak 'PYSTOSVYAT' cd
sound age rec 2012
folk death metal from Russia that's unique with its grinding gurgle
vocals and up tempo pagan atmospheres utilizing the flute and a
vibrant finntroll metalic attack.
has a cover of  Motorheads,  ace of spades, that hits you in the face
with flute in tow, a strange experience indeed.

Mother Darkness - One Hundred Years of Emptiness' cd
Cold Woods Productions 2011
Black metal from China

nevid 'agarta' cd
sound age rec 2011
pagan folk from Russia like like a wonderfull collision of up beat
finntroll and early amorphis swimming in an butterfly temple soup.
This is fantastic pagan metal from afar, one of the best i have heard,

NEBOKRAJ "At the Boundary" cd
Stellar Winter Records 2011
Russian pagan black metal with flute

NAVJARMAAHR ‘Fangs Night Lights' cd
Hexenhammer Records  2012
Russian pagan black metal that is similar to dissection meets graveland

no remorse no retreat 'warbringer' cd
iron age records 2009
 British heavy metal with balls like venom meets entombed meets ravens
creed.Its totally british in sound and dirty venom style riffs

no remorse no retreat 'into glory we ride' cd
iron age records 2008
British heavy metal melting into late punk, a kind of judas priest
meets angelic upstarts.

RIMTHURS Svartnar' cd Ván Records 2010 swedish black metal sol ‘beast
of riddles' cd
Ván Records 2012
Danish doom deathly metal-flirtations.

Sorgeldom ‘vitthaten' cd
Frostcald rec 2011
Swedish black metal for fans of early Ulver/ Agalloch/ Arckanum.

Sorgeldom ‘from outer intelligences'  cd
Frostcald rec 2011
swedish black  metal. The new album that is like a collision between
Ved Buens Ende and Pink Floyd while Isengard.

PERUNWIT "Tears and Blood" cd
Eastside rec 2012
Polish ambient pagan black metal
Re-edition of debut demo "Łzy i Krew' (1994). Released in cooperation
of Eastside and Hammerbolt Productions.
The material has been re-mastered, added two songs from those past
times, and five new songs, composed in 2010.
this is wonderfully atmospheric kind of chill out pagan metal.

tarna  rec 2011
folk pagan  metal from russia with male/ female vocals.

New Additions May/ June 2012

morbid winter rec 2010
depressive atmospheric black from canada

Chasse-Galerie 'Ars Moriendi' cd
Productions Frères Chasseurs 2010
canadian black metal

CHUR "Lykho"   cd
Casus Belli Musica 2009
ukrainian pagan folk metallike butterfly temple/ arkona/

Dissection - Live "The Witchwood", Ashton, UK 05-02-1996
raw rough and fans only live cd

Haeres 'Héritiers Du Sang Noir' cd
Productions Frères Chasseurs 2011
canadian black metal

Living Death - Vengeance Of Hell cd
earthshaker rec
this is a live in frankfurt 10.09.1984
the sound is rough but listenable,  and a fans only release in my opinion.

OPRICH "North The Boundless"  cd
2010 Casus Belli Musica
russian pagan  folk metal with traditional instruments.

ONSLAUGHT "Power from hell' cd
 Live in Gateshead 01.12.1984

Piarevaracien 'if no sun' cd
Crush The Desert 2011
folk black metal from Belarus
digi pac cd

Vapnatak 'The right to decide' cd
7.62 Productions 2010
russian black metal

VITER / KINGS & BEGGARS "Diva Ruzha"  digi pack cd
2011 Casus Belli Musica
ukrainian folk metal with traditional instruments.

Wrath 'viking' cd
Einheit Produktionen 2006
black metal from south africa like early Burzum to the point that it could be, wth hints of earky blackened bathory

YAV' "By The Freedom's Echo' cd
Casus Belli Musica 2009
ukrainian pagan metal like  NOKTURNAL MORTUM and DUB BUK. 

New additions March/ April 2012

ABBEY OV THELEMA - A Fragment ov the Great Work CD
Sonic Temple 2011
Slovakian  symphonic black metal
It would not be out of place to place Abbey Ov Thelema in the same symphonic black metal boat as Emperor, Dødheimsgard , Dimmu Borgir, or even early Cradle Of Filth.

ACID WITCH - Stoned (CD)
Hells Headbangers Records  2010
stoner doom from usa like groove fed cathedral/ sabbath

CRUCIFIED MORTALS - Crucified Mortals' cd
Hells Headbangers Records  2011
thrash metal in the vein of whiplash/  testament/

CHYSTA KRYNYCYA 'Simfonija Zhittja' cd
more hate prod 2011
black pagan folk metal from ukraine

CEMETERIAL "Gardens of Gloomy Darkness"  cd
Musica Production  2011
Russian symphonic black metal

Ê - Kherubîm' cd
Antiq Records  2011
French doom meets death with ethnic touches of Nile and Melechesh., and Septic Flesh  drowned in a bucket of ash.  Its much more primitive and disheveled, a very obscure release.

GJALLARHORN "Folkvang"  cd
Musica Production  2011
Russian Viking black metal

HANTERNOZ- Linceuls d'Ecume' cd
Antiq Records
French black celtic metal with a raw old Nightfall atmosphere colliding with Alestorm in  storm

HAVOHEJ  - Kembatinan Premaster' cd
Hells Headbangers Records

 HOLY BLOOD "The Patriot" cd
Musica Production
ukrainian folk black death metal

Multiple Personality 'song unsung'  cd
Dying Art Productions 2010
wonderfully bizzare post black metal from China.
Imagine a collision of  a ghostly orchestra, Dodhiemsgard, Darkthrone, Sigh, Meads of Asphodel and a deep primitivism woven into the atmosphere.
Its so original its hard to describe.

NORD'N'COMMANDER "Hermeneutics"  cd
More Hate rec (2004)
Russian folk black metal

NATURAL SPIRIT 'Ruskolun' cd
more hate prod 2007
Ukrainian  melodic Folk/Black-Metal with female vocals and accoustic guitar.

RAVENCULT - Morbid Blood' cd
Hells Headbangers Records 2011
Greek black thrashing  metal like Aura Noir meets Nifelheim in  a pot of steaming  Horna, and Sargeist.

Tengger Cavalry - Blood Sacrifice Shaman'cd
Dying Art Productions  2010
A  Chinese pagan metal album with shamanic chant, manta's and vicious Mayhem style Black Metal. This is a fantastic slice of oriental post black metal

Varuna 'the epical trilogy of vorlaufen' cd
Dying Art Productions 2007
Epic symphonic Black Metal from China that has a unique sound with hints of  Therion, Ulver, and sigh

Windhand  'windhand' cd
forcefield records 2011
stoner doom from the U.S.A

new aditions Jan/ feb 2012

Ambehr 'chernaya doroga'
Sound age prod 2008
armenian folk metal

aorlhac 'opus 1' cd
Thors hammer rec 2009
French black metal like taake

BLACKWIND - Demain, l'apocalypse CD
Canadian black metal 
Mankind's Demise Records   2008

BRULVAHNATU - Menstrual Extraction Ceremony' CD
Pagan Flames Productions  2011
canadian ambient black metal with hints of autopsy early paradise lost and mortician
kalevala 'kudel' cd
 Sound age prod
Russian folk pagan/ Influence comes explicitly from Finnish folk bands like Korpiklaani,

MATER MONSTIFERA - Na zrcadlech lzi   cd
2011 Parat  rec
Czech black metal

Minhyriath 'Grohnd' cd
Black Tower Productions 2010
swiss pagan deathly metal

Minhyriath 'Gondolyn' cd
Black Tower Productions 2009
swiss black pagan folk metal

MUSSORGSKI "Chaos and Paranormal Divinity"
Easide rec 2011
polish black doomy metal like bathory era sign of blakc mark atmosphere.
Navya  Handbells of Mares' cd
ya rec 2006
russian pagan folk

NJIQAHDDA - The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death' CD
Pagan Flames Productions  2011
usbm for fans of Deathspell Omega.

Ophidian Forest "Plains" CD
Favonian  Rec 2010 in mini-DVD clamshell case,
Raw Pagan Metal from Croatia/ Usa, Like a collision of early Graveland/ Gorgoroths ‘Pentagram' and early mayhem
Ophidian Forest "Redbad" CD
Favonian 2008 in dvd case.
Raw Pagan Metal, from Croatia/ Usa , Like a collision of early Graveland/ Gorgoroths ‘Pentagram' and early mayhem
Pagan Flames Productions  2009
jaw dropping atmospehric primitive black metal from usa
like raw amebix sliding into Agalloch.

Pagan reign 'in time of tales' CD
Sound age prod 2006
Russian pagan folk metal

Pagan reign 'spark of glory' CD
Sound age prod 2003
russian pagan metal like skyforger/ nomans land and butterfly temple

Rarog 'vzoidl' cd
Sound age prod 2011
Nice slavonic paga folk metal. Particulary similar to Arkona, butterfly temple but faster

SUPERIOR ENLIGHTENMENT - The great obscurantism' digiCD
Mankind's Demise Records   2009
Canadian black metal  like a smoking cauldron of primitive Belphegor/Mutant/Anaal Nathrakh, and Behemoth
TOTENBURG - Weltmacht oder Niedergang CD
re-release by Hammerbund Tonschmiede in 2011
Ns black metal fro germany
Wschód 'Oddalenie' cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2011
polish black metal like a collision of old burzum and graveland. Fantastic underground uniqueness.

new additions nov/ dec 2011

Aisthesis 'The Eon of Wrath' cd
Australis Records  2010
Black Metal from Chile

Asterion 'Zerzura' CD
Australis Records 2011
Death/ prog from Chile like the clean/ harsh vocal delivery of Borknagar melting into modern Rotting Christ and mid era Voi Vod and Anathema.

Black Howling - "Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit" CD
Legion Blotan  2010
dismal depressive  black metal from Portugal that is a sure key to unlock the doors of euthanasia. Contains 2 x 20 minutes hymns to misery and torture.

besatt 'In Nomine Satanas' cd
polish raw black metal like a primeval bathory or demo era mayhem with dead. cold and primitive
Gates of Hell. rec re release o the 1997 cult album.  Includes 2 bonus tracks, audio and video. (2004)

Bloodshed Walhalla 'the legends of a viking' cd
Raptures Asylum Productions  2010
italian pagan metal that sounds like the album bathory should have made after hammerheart/twilight of the gods. I have never heard a band sound so much like bathory and thats a tribute to bloodshed walhalla.

CARCASS / CARNAGE / SHUB NIGGURATH - Distorted Harmony: EP Collections (CD)
CARCASS - Live Bradford 15-11-89 EP 89
CENOTAPH - Tenebrous Appararition EP 90
CARNAGE - Live Stockholm 4 -11-89 EP 89
TRAUMATIC - The Morbid Act a Sadistic Rape Incision EP 91
THOU SHALT SUFFER - Open the Mysteries of your Creation EP 91
SHUB NIGGURATH - Blasphemies of the of the Nether World EP 92

Caina - "Will Over Worlds" CD
Bubonic Productions and Legion Blotan
raw to the bone UK black metal that is truly menacing and bleak. This is a kind of best of compilation. Like Burzum melting into Nortt

Kursed 'In the Labyrinths of Death' cd
Australis Records 2001
cold icy Black Metal from Chile. Like the raw as meat Darkthrone and Burzum styles of the early nineties yet even more stripped down and ear splitting nastiness.

Includes:  ALGOL EMBRYONIC / ALGOL / MAYHEM The Land of Lost Souls CD
Released by : Cult Evil Gods
Professionally manufactured CD compiling cult recordings from the following Black Metal Norwegians:
*EMBRYONIC (pre-Thou Shalt Suffer): 1990 Demo
*ALGOL: "The Priests Are Laughing" (92 Demo)
*MAYHEM: Live in Zeitz (1990)

MERCILESS - Live / Demos 87-88 (CD)
gutteral rec 2010
raw, cult Swedish black death thrashing metal.

MATER MONSTIFERA - Na zrcadlech lzi   cd
2011 Parat  rec
Czech black metal

Nenavist - "Inhuman" CD
Bubonic Productions and Legion Blotan  2009
Bulgarian  black metal

Raggradarh - "Battle" CD
Wolcnum Records  2010
Bulgarian pagan metal that sounds like a graveland rehearsal played in a blinding fog. Its pretty raw and very captivating if you like this dismal as hell Blackened style.

Sinisterite - "The Unclean Days" CD
Bubonic Productions  2011
uk black metal with some thrashing groove injected into the raw icy production.

sirin 'the dawn of freedom' cd
fast heathen slovakian black metal like early graveland
originally appearing in demo form in 2006
Re-released in 2007 under Narok Records on CD limited to 500 copies

morbid winter rec 2005
russian folk pagan metal

Unsilent 'Black Spell Sessions' mcd
Australis Records 2009
Black Metal from Chile

Undertaker of the Damned  'Lords of the Extreme Mockery' cd
Australis Records 2001
Black/ Death from Chile that rips you open like Impiety.

New additions Sept 2011

ALASTOR (Prt) " Demons Attack" cd
War Prod 2011
Black thrashing rage
After a long time Portuguese cult band ALASTOR is back with a blasphemic release of Black Thrash. The Album contains 12 track and includes the first Album "Gates of Darkness" as Bonus.

Avsky ‘scorn' cd
Moribund Cult 2010
Swedish black metal like a fusion of celtic frost and darkthrone.

DRAGOBRATH - Fra Myrer Taake
Ukraine - Pagan Black Metal (Kroda members).

Dragobrath - And Mountains Openeth Eyes...
Eastside rec
Ukraine - Pagan Black Metal with Folk influences (Kroda members).

Edain ‘Through thought and time' cd
Pařát Magazine 2009
Brooding nwobhm and mid era Celtic Frost meets a folky tinged Opeth metal from Czech Republic. This is fantastic

Fortid 'Fall of the Ages' cd
Schwarzdorn Production 2009
Norwegian viking black metal that hints of old enslaved and bathory


Haeresiarchs of Dis  ‘Denuntiatus Cinis'
Moribund Cult 2010
usbm Xasthur

Irij (Eluveitie-members!)
Sturmklang) rec digi cd
Pagan folk metal from Switzerland.
IRIJ is a one-woman-folk-project. Influenced by traditional folkmusic from the balcans and a bitter laughter
somewhere between joy and sorrow.

I shalt Become 'Poison' cd
Moribund Cult 2010
Depressive black metal for fans of Alcest , Velvet Cacoon, Caina

Merrimack  "... Of Entropy and Life Denial . cd
Moribund Cult 2006
French black metal like Mayhem hitting a wall of Behemoth and 1349. A Trully stunning Black Metal attack....

Raggradarh - Raggradarh
Eastside rec
Bulgaria - Raw Pagan Black Metal.

Sargeist ‘"Disciple Of The Heinous Path '  cd
Moribund Cult  2005
Finnish black metal like a mix of older Satyricon,  Horna, and  Mayhem

Soulsearch - Liedersammlung' cd
2005 digi pac cd
Austrian doom metal  The CD includes the final Soulsearch release: Like My dying Bride/ Paradise Lost melting into early skyclad and a ritualistic folk trip

Uruk-Hai- Black blood, white hand' cd
Sturmklang) rec digi cd
Austrian ambient metal/ Gloomy Black Metal Hymns go along with fairy-like soundscapes and guide the listener through a unique acoustic journey on the most hidden paths of Middle-Earh

New additions Aug 2011

Aasgard - Nekriki Mistagogia  mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold 2011
Greek black metal

Beliar - Arcana Imperii - mcd
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2008
Polish black metal

Dark Fury - Saligia
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2011
cult ns black metal from poland

GRAVSORG - Visions of Depression CD
Nykta 2006
Danish depressive Black Metal like Xasthur swimming in Shining.

Haeiresis - Transparent Vibrant Shadows CD
Inferna Profundus  2000
Black metal from Lithuania

NORDMEN - Nordmen s/t MCD
Nykta rec
Canadian Black metal with a pagan primitivism oozing from the raw and wonderfully cold guitars.

Poccolus 'ragana'
Inferna Profundus  2009
Lithuanian pagan metal/ Tracks 1-5 taken from the demo "Promo'94"
Tracks 6-7 taken from split "Live at Black Friday, Riga 13/06/97

Poison "Further down the abyss" CD
Iron Pegasus rec 2006
Germanic thrashing metal,  Think old Sodom, Slayer and Destruction with brutal guttural vocals.

Pagan Rites  "Rites of the Pagan Warriors" CD
Iron Pegasus  2003
Swedish black thrash for fans of Venom, Immortal (early), I, Marduk (Panzer Division style) and Bathorys self titled masterpiece

Pergale - Horizontalios Maldos Palaima
Inferna Profundus  2011
Lithuanian depressive black metal 

New Additions July 2011

Bauda/Leuku - Mares - Split CD  - Ambient Folk metal,
Tyrannus Records 2007
Split cd of Chilean folk/ ambient metal. A truly unique underground experience of pure music untouched by the mainstream.

A Tribute to Bathory - Wolves Of Nordland  cd
Nymphaea Records [great pagan tribute cd.

Brutally Deceased - Dead Lovers' Guide  cd
Lavadome Productions2010
czech death metal  like old school death metal
with dismember cover

Burzum - Anthology
Allgermanic Heathen Front, Cymophane Records

CARCASS - Live At St. Georges Hall (CD)
GREAT sounding Live show from the "Symphonies of Sickness" era, recorded November 15, 1989. What is especially cool about this recording is that Bill's microphone must of been cranked up on the volume so as soon as he does his vokills over Jeff's disgusting snarls, the combination hits you in the face like a fucking mallet. Ultra sick sound, A MUST HAVE for any Goregrind/Death Metal fans.

Daudehaud - "Nеr Naturen Kaller" cd
Mordgrimm records
Raw primitive Norwegian black metal

DEMORIAN "Back To The Glorious Past" CD.
Azermedoth Records 2009
Pagan Black Metal From the Cold lands of Sweden! Debut... very interesting and original melodic Black Metal with pagan and symphonic elements and with really hateful voice... with keyboards.
Raw and primitive for real Black Metal fans only imagine a raw as hell early dimmu borgir drowning in a darkthrone hell

DER STURMER  "Bloodsworn" cd (The First Decade)

Dunkelheit  'frozen in eternity' cd
Werewolf promotions 2010
Hungarian depressive black metal and aptly named after the seminal Burzum track.

Eingar - "Quickening Sun  cd
Wolftyr productions 2010

Gonfanon 'A Call to Arms' mcd
'Werewolf records 2010
French Black/ Pagan ambient metal
5 tracks of Proud Pagan Black Metal with Medieval Influences & Ambient in the vein of Graveland and Lord Wind.

Helcaraxe - Triumph and Revenge  cd
Regimental Records  2007
Viking death metal harnessing a sound that can be likened to fellow US death metallers Immolation and walking over the likes of Amon Amarth, in terms of pure nastiness. Fantastic.

Legenda 'Apám Nevében' cd
eastside rec 2010
Hungarian pagan doom metal like Kroda and Nokturnal Mortem

Massemord 'the Madness Tongue Devouring Juices of Livid Hope' cd
Pagan Records 2011
Polish Black Metal and one 35 minute track of desolate brooding black metal, like Marduk on valium.

MAYHEM - The True Armageddon (CD)
Tracks 1-8 taken from the 1987 mini LP "Deathcrush". Tracks 9-16 taken from the album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", 1992/1993. This is an actual legitimate CD, NOT a CD-R!!

Mjolner - The Pagan Tribute - CD
Tyrannus Records 2006
Chilean - Ambient black metal, covering other bands like root, ulver, isengard and more.

OAKENSHIELD ‘Gylyaginning' cd
Einheit Produktionen 2008
British Viking pagan metal like Falkenbach, meets Hvis lyset tar oss'-era Burzum.

ordog 'remorse' cd
violent journey rec 2011
finnish doom metal like morgion meets Reverend Bizarre

Pagan Land / Tini Zabutih Predkiv - Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors/Carpathia
split cd on Black Art Rec 2008
raw primtive pagan metal mixing Graveland/ Pagan Reign and Pagan Blood.
2 x ukranian pagan metal bands.

Piarevaracien "Down the Broken Path" cd
Wolftyr productions 2010
Folk Black metal from Belarus. This is a Re-released version of the 2008 album Торны Шлях, with as new title "Down the Broken Path" and different artwork.
Musically, the band is close to the sounds of Absurd (DEU) and Temnozor (RUS), maintaining that gritty

Pombagira - The Crooked Path cd
Withered Hand Records 2008 double cd
Doom from england that is SunnO)) meets Sleep in a lonley world of misery

Ragnarok '..of ages' cd
aurora-australi rec 2011
British pagan metal before the genre was even conceived. Here we have re mastered tracks spanning the bands demo and two albums 1991 - 1999.
This is rough very early pagan metal in its primtive stages of development.

SATYRICON TRIBUTE "Dominions Of Satyricon" /compilation CD/
empire records

Shiri '..and a tear' cd
complicity records
Mexican doom death metal that's like a collision of Anathema and demo era Tiamat. Harsh and subtle melodies awash in awkward arrangements. I have no clue if I like it or not....

Tarabas - Das neue Land cd
Trollzorn 2010
Germanic pagan deathly metal like AMON AMARTH

Wizzard  'wizzard' cd
supernal music re release
Finnish blackened heavy metal like Sodoms first MLP colliding with Slayers debut.
originally released in 1999

New additions April 2011

Ablaze in Hatred - The Quietude Plains
Firedoom Music  2009
Finnish doom death like classic early Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride
Pure enchanted gloom.

ARALLU   ‘The Demon From The Ancient World' cd
Epidemie Records - 2005
Black Metal from Israel 

Arcanar  ‘The Dusty Sovereign' cd
Stygian Crypt Production 2006
Unique Russian doom metal like  parts of My Dying Bride, Candlemass and Black Sabbath, mixed  up with folk music and rock as well as death metal

Aura Hiemis - While the Rest of the World Sleep...
Endless winter rec 2010
Funeral doom from chile
This album is one of the best CDs that I have heard lately. It's an elegy of absolute melancholy. Highly recommended!!!

Cruadalach - Agni - Unveil What's Burning Inside' mcd
Paøát Magazine  2011
folk pagan metal from czech republic/ lke a grizzled skyclad

DISSOLVING OF PRODIGY - Echoes Of My Sadness cd
Paøát Magazine  2011
Czech death doom metal
this is the re release of the 1993 demo

Ekove Efrits - Nettlesome Solitude cd
Salts & Ashes Prod. 2009
Compilation includes demo "Unholy Graves" (2005) and 2 unreleased tracks from
Depressive Black metal from Iran like crawling torture of musical lamentation. This will have you hanging from your  doorway in no time

Krief de Soli - Procul Este, Profani' cd
Endless Winter 2010
Funeral doom from Canada
3 exhausting tracks of funeral doom

Lethargy of Death - Necrology
Endless Winter 2010
Funeral doom from Chile Skepticism,

Lords of Bukkake - Desorden Y Rencor  cd
Total Rust 2010
depraved sludge doom from spain
Trying to describe the sound of Lord Of Bukkake is not easy as even if you took Khanate, Eyehategod, Godflesh, Buzzov-en, Iron Monkey and Swans and threw them in a blender of sludge, you still wouldn't be close to the noise of this band but you would be close.

Thors Hammer 'Three weeds from the same Root' cd
Elegy Records   2004
Polish raw black metal

Varhorn - Labyrinths of Darkness cd
Cold Breath of Silence 2009
Primitive Russian Black Metal like Mayhem

New Additions Feb 2011

Deathcarnation "Deny The Lies"
Nocturnus Records 2010
Black death metal from Ukraine

Gotmoor - Vlaemsche Premitieven cd
ISO666 Releases  2000/ best of / demo's cd
Belgian symphonic raw black metal/ like fellow countrimen Enthroned

Nevaloth - La Diabolica Commedia CD
Sonic Temple records 2010
Atmospheric black metal with mystic keyboards from Slovakia.
like early dissection meets Cradle of filth.

Nagual "Active Side Of Infinity" cd
Nocturnus Records
Doom death metal from Ukraine like a mad fusion of VoiVod and Cradle of Filth.

Heiden 'Obsidian' cd
Naga Prod. 2009
Czech progressive black Metal similar to Satyricon meets Shinning

Sator Marte - za zdmi' cd
Naga productions  2010
Czech Black Metal like Marduk meets Dissection.

Svafnir ‘Heathen chapters cd
Galgenstrang Produktionen 2008
Pagan Metal from Germany

The One - Guardians Inhuman   cd
Total Holocaust Records  2003
Primitive, raw to the marrow, Greek Black Metal, like Beherits first album twisted into Rotting Christ early black Metal dynamics.
This is pure Black Metal.

Veér - The Measure of Waste   cd
Caverna Abismal / Neverheard  2009
Hungarian black metal
Raw up=tempo Hellhammer/Celtic Frost.

New Additions Dec 2010

Ancestral Volkhves - Perun Do Vas cd
Soundage productions  208
Slovakian black metal. Fast Dissection like riffs.

Ashen Light - Pesni Mertvych  cd
soundage 2007
Russian black metal that's remarkable like Ancients debut. Thick guitars and fantastic riffs drag you to pure Black Metal Hell

Butterfly Temple - Sny Severnogo Morya (Dreams Of The Northern Sea)
Irond rec 2002
Russian Pagan Metal
Epic Slavonic Pagan Metal.    Ensiferum meets Moonsorrow meets Nightwish.....

Butterfly Temple - Tropoyu Krovi po Vole Roda
Irond rec 2003
Russian Pagan Metal
Epic Slavonic Pagan Metal.    Ensiferum meets Moonsorrow meets nightwish
This is one of the best Butterfly Temple albums.


Druzhina - Echoes of Distant Battles  cd
soundage rec 2008
like Asmégin  meets Emperor meets pink Floyd
Highly charges epic pagan metal.

Häive - Mieli Maassa cd
Northern Silence 2007
finish folk black metal like Drudkh meets Bathory.

Izmoroz - Intrigues of Gods   cd
soundage rec 2010
Russian pagan folk metal
like trollfest clashing with  finntroll

Izmoroz - The Church that Burns under the Mountain    cd
soundage rec 2007
Russian pagan folk metal
like trollfest clashing with  finntroll

Pagan Reign 'Ancient Fortress ' cd
soundage rec 2006
Russian pagan metal
This is almost like a mix of similar bands like Thyrfing, Nomans Land, and a bit of Korpiklaani and Turisas thrown in.

Pagan Reign 'Ydeli Biloy Veri' cd
soundage rec 2004
Russian pagan/ Slavonic folk metal

Smuta - ???  cd
sound age 2010
Russian Slavonic pagan metal


Severnye Vrata - To war' cd
FONO/Bronefon Records  2001
Russian pagan folk metal
strangely captivating like a Bal Sagoth triumphant vibe meets fintrolls folkish mischief.

Severnye Vrata - Prav'  cd
Fono 2003
Russian pagan folk metal
second album and more Bal sagoth meets Finntroll pagan theatrics.

Severnye Vrata - Equilibrium   cd
fono 2005
russian folk pagan metal
third album and the band moves onwards to a more moonsorrow angst with that bal sagoth pomp.


Znich  'Pagan Crosses' cd
volh rec 2007
Pagan folk metal from Belarus
like Gods Tower meets old Moonsorrow

new additions nov 2010

Arvas - Blessed from Below... Ad Sathanas Noctum cd
Einsatz Productions 2009
Norwegian black metal like mayhem/ taake. great old school nordic black metal

Ashes 'Yggdrasil' cd
supernal music 2007
with some folky elements and some clean vocals, inspired on sylvian aesthetics and Nordic mythology, but otherwise it is as with the previous album: raw and cavernous and extremely distorted Black Metal, purely and strictly underground in sound, conception, and character.
like early bathory/ enslaved  with mid tempo viking style anthems set to old school bleak atmospheres

Briargh - Krigas cd
Purity Through Fire 2010
Pagan metal from Spain. Primitive Graveland meets Windir style of raw guitar dominated pagan metal.
at times very atmospheric and highly emotive

Cabal 'Midian' cd digi pac
Red Stream Records  1990
Cabal is a thrash/death band started by Killjoy of Necrophagia
like a thrashing rage of early Death/ Sepultura

Ethereal Woods - Kenilworth   cd
supernal music  2008
uk black metal like a rough Cradle of Filth style of composition ripped to shreds by some demo era Bal Sagoth type rawness.

Korovakill - Waterhells cd
Redstream 2001
Austrian Black metal like a clash of experimental ulver/ arcturus and the odd twists of Sigh

Korgonthurus - Marras  cd
Obscure Abhorrence  2009
finnish dismal black metal with a primitive depressing sound like celtic frost on valium

Memorial 'Enter My Megaron'  cd
Baphomet Records 2000
dutch black metal like early immortal

Necrofeast   ‘Soulwinds' cd
The Drama And Sin Company 2000
Dutch Black Metal with hints of Burzum, Summoning, Countess

Nevid'  Amber Heart of Arktida
Metalism Records 2009
Russian Pagan Metal. Like a brutal Behemoth sliced into Borknagar and traditional folk parts. This is more violent than Pagan Reign or Butterfly Temple but utilizing the same style of writing.

THOTH - Zamglenie - cd
Lower Silesian Stronghold  2010
Polish black metal featuring rob darken from gravelend

Violation 'Moonlight's Child'  cd
red stream 2000
Germanic melodic death metal like Entombed. Carnage

Vredehammer- 4 september' mcd
Norwegian black metal like  windir gorgoroth
Obscure Abhorrence Productions

Winternight 'Pestilenz' cd
Obscure Abhorrence Productions
German Black Metal

Wolfthorn  'Towards Ipsissimus' cd
Obscure Abhorrence  2010
germanic pagan black metal like a mix of old Bathory meets Darkthrone

New Additions Oct 2010

Ashen light-krov Apokalypsisa - DIGI CD
More Hate ProductionsRussian Black Metal

BARBARITY  'The Wish To Bleed/Cut The Filthy Skin.
Blacksmith Prod 2009 re release with bonus ep
Russian death metal

Den Saakaldte  Ol, Morke Og Depresjon  digi cd
Re-release as a digipack CD with new artwork and bonus tracks by Aesthetic
Death Records
this is the demo of norwegian depresive band Den Saakaldte originally releassed in 2008

Falls of Rauros - Hail Wind and Hewn Oak
Morbid Winter Records 2008 cd
Black folk metal from USA

Drygva - Сын Магутнага Рода
grailight prod cd 2010
pagan folk metal from belarus  pagan metal reminiscent  finntroll and arkona

Inhein - pestrapture - CD
Antichristian Front Records 2010

Gigawatt music 2010
Russian melodic death metal

Nidhøgg - Den Nordiske Sjel - Jotunheimen split cd
Nocturnal Empire  2009
2 x Germanic folk pagan black metal acts
Nidhogg sounding like Windir and Den Nordiske Sjel like the russian Arkona.

Nortt - Galgenfrist cd
Avantgarde Music  2007
black funeral doom from Denmark

Oprich-Chur - Z Moroku cd
Stellar Winter rec 2008
split cd of two russian folk pagan metal bands

Saboath ‘Saboath' cd
Hammer of Damnation 2010
Symphonic black metal from Paraguay.
Like a fusion of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone.

STRIBOG "U Okovima Vjecnosti
Murderous Productions 2010
croatian black pagan folk metal

Thy Hastur "The Ancients" cd
Vitiv Records 2010
Polish dark black metal

Gigawatt Music  2009 cd
Russian deathcore

New additions July 2010

Acheron ‘ Anti-God, Anti-Christ’  cd
Moribund Records  1996
Classic USDM. 

Azaghal ‘Teraphim’  cd
Moribund rec
Cult Finnish black metal

Belial ‘The Gods of the Pit pt. II (Paragon So Below)  cd
Moribund Records  1993
Finnish Black Death Metal

Deathspell Omega - Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega cd
Northern Heritage 2001
This is the 2003 reissue

Ever Dark - Armageddon's Birth’ mcd
FMP / Two Moons  1997
Thrash from USA. Old stock.

Faustcoven 'The Priests Command'
featuring all the bands demo's.

Flaygoth - Sagi varyazhskogo morya’ cd
Nymphaea Records 2009
Russian pagan Viking metal

Fungus Inc. - Rott 'n' Roll’ cd
Absorb Records  2008
Gothenburg style melodic death from Belgium. Like a happy dismember.

Malachi ‘Wither To Cover The Tread’ CD
Halo of Flies/Siege of Power  2008
Like a  brooding Crisis (complete with banshee vocalist), and the atmospheric, crumbling post rock ebb and flow of Neurosis and the graceful cellos of Grayceon.

Merrimack - Of Entropy and Life Denial’ cd
Moribund Records  2006
French black metal

Nekrasov  ‘The Form Of Thought From Beast’ CD
siege of power rec 2008
black metal noise like a deformed Merzbow with added electronic effects and multi-tracked vocals giving this an almost industrial metal feel, with shades of Ministry and Killing Joke bleeding into Xasthur, this is low-fi-yet-epic, raw-yet-atmospheric, power-electronics/death ambient-spiced contemporary black metal

New Arrivals May 2010

Ahnenstahl - Zwischen Tod und Leben' cd
Black Tower ec 2006
Austrian Epic Black Metal like Wyrd and bands alike.

Aetheres - Dark Wisdom's Domain
Hell is Here rec 2009
Polish Dark Metal

Cristalys - Suréminence cd
Pagan Pride 2009
French Pagan Black Metal

Dhul-Qarnayn - Jilwah mcd
Shaytan Productions 2008
Black/ Ambient metal from Bahrain
1 x 27 minute rack of eastern hell.
Faethon - Immortal Ancient Spirit   cd
Blazing Productions 2010-05-18
Greek NSBM

Havohej - Kembatinan Premaster
Hells Headbangers 2009
Cult Black Metal from USA

Kalki Avatara - Mantra for the End of Times mcd
Shaytan Productions 2009
Italian Black Folk Metal

Minhyriath - Gondolyn' cd
Black Tower Productions 2008
Death folk metal from Switzerland
Pagan Spirit - Hlasy vzývajúce starú vieru (only digipack)
Hrom Records
Slovakian pagan black metal like Immortal. Powerful and intense.
Pagan Spirit - The Latent Doctrine'  cd
Hrom Records 2005

Sarath - Siste indre' digi-cd
WTC rec 2010
Norwegian Black Metal

Shining Abyss - Sacrifice-Reh-96  mcd
Hell is Here prod 2008
Cult Polish Black Metal 

Saltus - Slowianska Duma' cdEye prod 2005
Polish pagan metal.
Recorded between April & November 1999 at Legend Art Studio
This is the re issue on cd of the bands 1999 demo of the same name.

Sacrilegium 'Embrace the Darkness' CD
Odium Records  2006
1 - 3: `"Embrace the Darkness" (Promo '99)
4: "Track from Split MLP w/ North" (1996)
5 - 10: `"Sleeptime" (Demo'94)
Polish Pagan Black Metal

Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal ‘ digi cd
God is Myth Records 2008
Blackned doom from USA   like Wolves in the Throneroom in a way.

New Arrivals April 2010

Abusiveness - Trioditis  cd
old temple 2010
Polish Black Metal

Cinis 'the Last Days of Ouroboros' cd
old temple 2009
Polish Death metal in the vein of Cryptopsy and Morbid Angel

Foudre Noire ‘The Dark Gods' CD
Obscure Abhorrence  2008
Finnish Black Metal

Grabak ‘Agash Daeva'  cd
Black Blood Records 2007
Germanic Black Metal

Grim Sköll - The Eleven Rivers of Hverlmir
Azermedoth Records 2008
Mexican  Ambient/Pagan Black Metal
Like a mix of Summoning and Vinterriket

Harza  ‘War' cd
True Underground Productions 2010
Russian NS Black Metal

Hellveto ‘ Medieval scream' cd
Ritual Execution Promotion  2004
Polish pagan metal

Infidel 'Ejaculating Chaos'  cd
old temple 2009
Polish black metal in the simmering vein of Marduk. 1349 and infernal war.
Remmirath  ‘Polis Rouge'  cd
Ravenheart Prod/Sabbathid Recs  2008
Slovakian  experimental black metal. If you can imagine Emperor meets Kansas then you may get the idea.

Sado Sathanas ‘Opus Diaboli' Digi Cd
Black Blood Records  2010
Germanic Black Metal

Strandhogg  ‘Ritualistic Plague'
Pagan Records  2009
Polish Black Metal like a boiling pot of  Gorgoroth, 1349, Dark Funeral and Marduk

New arrivals March 2010

Aorlhac - Opus 1  cd
Thor's Hammer Productions  2009
French black metal [ulver cover]

Alvheim - I Et Fjort Fortid  cd
2009 Gardarika Musikk
Russian Viking Metal
Features a Drkthrone cover.

Cujrare 'Radical Accion'
American Line Prods  2008 cd
Band from Quito-Ecuador that mixes native Folkloric Sounds and Afro-Ecuadorian Rhythms with Metal! Limited to 500 copies. Limited to 500 copies. Like a hardcore sepulture splattered in melody and old world pipes..

FOREST (RUS) "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief"
CD'98/'08. Raw Black Metal, cold and grim as russian winters are.
Harsh  and evil yet heartpiercing. Re release

FOREST (RUS) "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity"
CD'99/'08. One hour of Raw Black Metal journey through harshest
blizzards and winterstorms into the atmosphere of ghostridden obscurity.
Re-release with proper and enchanced artwork.

Groza Groza - 'Gecmisin Kasvetli izleri' cd
Poem Productions  2007
Turkish and Bosnian Dark Metal.
Like a fusion of Samael and Bethlehem thrown in to a Gothenburg hailstorm.

Hordagaard - Ondskap'
SDI rec  cd
Norwgeian Black metal

Mictlan 'Donde Habitan Los Muertos'
American Line Prods  2008 cd
a combination of death metal and pre-Hispanic Mexican folk music. Like a Sepultura meets Testament

Vike Tare - The Tide of Revelation  cd
SDDP  rec  2005
Black pagan metal from Germany

Yaotl Mictlan - Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos
American Line Productions  2006 cd
Mexican black / death metal

The Meads of Asphodel/ Old Corpse Road split cd will be out in March 2010. This is a TRUE underground release and reveals two of the finest Black Pagan Metal bands in the UK. Old Corpse Road,  Hailing from the North East , kick off the release with their fiery brand of pagan Black Metal. Lengthy symphonic Songs  meander across traditional English Black Metal sounds-scapes and a deeply brooding pagan atmosphere.

The Meads of Asphodel need no introductions and this pre album release is a collection of cover songs and one new song. The Meads have always had a Brit Punk underbelly and this has now been driven into renditions of, Doom Hellbastard, Skeptix and Conflict, as well as a lamenting version of the Kinks You Really got Me'.

New Arrivals Feb 2009

Abstract Spirit - Tragedy and Weeds  cd
Solitude productions 2009
Russian depressive funeral Doom Metal like very early My Dying Bride/ Paradise Lost

Ancestors Blood - A Dark Passage From The Past' cd
EER / Heidens Hart  2009
Compilation of demo material from this Fuinish Pagan band.
Like Summoning slithering into a plodding Burzum style of melodic pagan metal

Armentar - Baptism By Hate' cd
Absorb Records  2007
Black Metal from Belgium

Beastcraft 'Dawn of the Serpent' cd
Grom Rec  2006
Best of compilation from this Raw Norwegian Black Metal act.
Extremely cold, yet melodic and endearing.

Eldereon - Apocalyptic Revelations / Into the Moonshine  split cd
Antichristian Front Records  2009
Featuring two bands from Spain

Heavy Lord ‘The Holy Grail' cd
Solitude Productiosn 2009
Stoner Doom from the Netherlands, like a collision ob Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard.

Irae / Vermen "Odium Generis Humani"  split CD
Frenteuropa Propaganda  2009
2 Portuguese Black Metal acts

My Lament - Broken Leaf  cd
Solitude productions 2009
Doom/ dearth metal

Na rasputje "The Throne of Immortal Ones / Hammer of Holocaust" cd
Cyberborea/Armour Get Dawn 2009
This is a unique fusion of early Dimmu Borgir and Bathory hacked into a Burzum nightmare.
Russian NSBM

Pagan blood ‘The Last Empire' cd
Ewiges Eis Records  2009
Pagan Metal from France. More like the abrasive Polish variety than the up-beat Finns.

Scald  'Will of the Gods' cd 1996
Wroth Emitter: re-release
Cult epic doom Metal from Russia. Like Solitude Aeturnus ripping into Bathory's Hammerheart whilst colliding into a Candlemass doom atmosphere. This is a criminally overlooked masterpiece of this genre.

Tumulus 'Winter Wood' cd
Wroth Emitter Productions   2004
Russian folk prog metal. Like a Slavic Yes meets Amorphis meets Fates Warning. Sung in Russian this is not a Pagan Metal release, rather a prog rock folk album

Rising of Yog Sothoth ‘Tribute to Thergothon' 2xcd
Solitude productions 2009
Lamenting tribute cd featuring Evoken, Asunder, Astral Sleep, Khrohm, Nojda, Colosseum, Worship, Axis of Advance and more.
This hurts like true funeral doom should.

New Arrivals Dec 2009

Ancient  ‘Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes"  cd
Sleaszy Rider Records  2005
Compilation featuring the ‘Eerily Howling Winds' demo and other early recordings

Ancient  ‘Det Glemte Riket' cd
Sleaszy rider cd 2005
Features early material 1993096/ from Trolltaar mcd and the Det Glemte Riket"  plus 3 unreleased tracks and a great ‘Sweet Leaf' (Black Sabbath cover)

Aras - Hemaseye Andooh digipack mcd
Ragnarok Records  2008
Black metal from Iran

Hordagaard / Arvas  split cd 2009
Azermedoth Records
two  norwegian black metal bands share an early mayhem/ taake style raw melodic black metal influence.
This is primitive and as underground as they come.

Abrahel "Abrahel  cd 2008
Voliac Records
Spanish Black Metal with a guitar sound similar to Kvist and the menace of Strid.

Hellveto 'Stos'  CD
Seven Kingdoms 2006
Polish Pagan Black Metal

Hesperia 'In Nonorem'  CD
Blazing Prod 2008
Italian Pagan Black metal

Hellewacht - Euvele Daeden' cd
Daemon Worship Prod.  12009
Black Metal from Belgium

Kult Ofenzivy - Radikální Ateismus - Tvůrcům Nadčlověka  cd
Deathgasm Rec 2009
Black Metal from Czech Republic
Darkthrone worshiping Black Metal

Odious ‘ Mirror Of Vibrations'  cd
Sleaszy Rider Records  2007
Melodic Black Metal from Egypt like Orphaned land' meets Melechesh

Sadistic Grimness - Asteni' cd
Daemon Worship Prod.  2009
Swedish Black/ Death like Arkhon Infaustus meets Autopsy

Spear longinus 'Nothing is forever'  CD
Blazing Prod 2006
Cult Australian NSBM
New arrrivals nov 2009

Dark Fury / White Devils / War "Alliance In Hate" CD
Under the Sign of Garazel  2006
Three NSBM  bands from Poland

Solar  wisdom  'temple' cd
Polish pagan metal
Eastside rec 2009

Ashaena  'cei nascuti cd
Romanian pagan metal 2009
Eastside rec

Slavland "Szepty Starych  cd  2004
Polish pagan metal / Eastside rec

Neasit 'przedswit cd  2009
Eastside rec
Polish black pagan metal

Dragged into Sunlight ‘Hatred for Mankind cd
Mordgrimm rec 2009
Like a doom Anaal Nathrakh melting into Iron Monkey

Funeraille - Dis Pater' cd
Armée de la Mort  2009
Black Metal from France

Hexenwood / Marblebog   split 7" vinyl
2 x Hungarian Black metal bands

Kusoof - Hilal Hubal  7" vinyl EP
Legion Of Death Records
2009 limited to 300
KUSOOF is a Black Metal band from the Dilmun lands of Kuwait and Bahrain in the Middle East.

Legacy of Blood  "Murder Hymn" CD
Garazel  rec 2008
NSBM  from Poland

Nychts / Wedard "Zwischen Leere Und Nichts" Split CD 2009
Sun & Moon Records
Nychts are an ambient black metal act from Switzerland.
Wedard are a German depressive black metal act

new arrivals oct 2009

Absurd ‘Facta Loquuntur'  cd  1996 cd
World Terror Committee 2006 re issue 

Blutschrei - The Voice of Forbidden Prid' cd
Hammerbund rec/ 2006
Finnish NS Black Metal with Horna members

Forgotten Woods - Sjel Av Natten
2006 cd  Total holocaust records
Features the 1995 Sjel Av Natten  ep, plus three extra rare tracks.

Helcaraxe: Broadsword CD  2009
Regimental records/ Viking Death like Unleashed.

Heldentum - Waffenweihe' cd 2003
Nebelfee Klangwerke rec / German NS Pagan  Black Metal[featuring absurd member]

Kargvint - Seelenwerks Fortgang' 2008 cd
Fimbul Production/ Cult German Black Metal
Similar to Velvet Cacoon 

Nordmen - Vertus Guerrieres'  2003 cd
Nykta rec
Canadian ns black metal like old Graveland

The Shadow Order - Untold' 2006 cd
Nykta rec  Greek NS  Black Metal

Verhern - Verhern' 2009 cd
German Black metal on Fimbul productions
Similar to Velvet Cacoon

New arrivals  Sept 2009

Wodensthrone - Loss' cd 2009
Bindrune Recordings
Pagan  black metal from england

Pagan Reign ‘Ydeli Biloy Veri'  2004 cd
Sound Age Productions
Russian pagan folk metal

Pagan Reign ‘ Tverd Ancient Fortress'
Sound Age / Napalm Records  2006
Russian pagan metal

Izmoroz - The Church that Burns under the Mountain
Sound Age Productions  2007 cd
Russian pagan black folk metal

Druzhina - Echoes of Distant Battles
Sound Age Productions 2008 cd
Russian pagan folk metal

Smuta - Chmelnaja pesn vojny
Sound Age Productions  2008 cd
Russian pagan metal [like early amorphis]

Butterfly Temple - Koleso Chernoboga
Irond rec 2001 cd

Butterfly Temple - Âðåìÿ Ìàðû (Time of Mara)
Irond rec 2005 cd
Russian pagan metal
Like Vintersorg.

Mor ‘Hram krvi i praznine' 2009 cd
Forgotten Wisdom Production
Serbian Black Metal like old Dimmur Borgir (For All Tid, Stormblåst),

Epping Forest ‘Everblasting Struggle'  2008 cd
Unexploded Records. Blackened symphonic Death from Portugal
Likes a Behemoth/ Dimmu hybrid.

Hilderog ‘66,6°Nord'  2007 digi-cd
Forgotten Wisdom prod.
Cold, Grim Black Metal from Iceland,

Fimbultyr  ‘Gryende Tidevarv' 2008 cd
Unexploded Record/ Swedish black Viking metal
Like a mix of Thyrfing and Månegarm, and Bathory

Amok/ Malfeitor / split 7"  2007
Amok from Norway play thrashing blackened hell, Malfeitor from Poland are Black Metal
Released on gatefold via War Arts Productions

  Folkodia - In A Time Of Legends  cd
2009. Lithuanian folk/ Viking metal.

  Gontuna Kry - Arystokracja Ducha  cd  2008
Eastside rec Polish Black Metal

Irae ‘Hellnation' cd 2008
War Arts Productions/ Black Metal from Portugal

Onirik ‘After Centuries of Silence' cd 2009
Darkthrone ‘Transylvanian Hunger' style icy black metal from Portugal.

Permafrost/ Campo de MayoA Blindfold Stained With Blood / Haunting The Forgotten
Split cd 2009
2 x Argentinian Black/ pagan metal bands

New Arrivals August 2009

Lindisfarne "Vatican Bitches" CD
Raw Russian Black metal

Raggradarh - Raggradarh  cd   2009
Bulgarian pagan black metal
Eastside rec

Vesna - Slovenska Krev  mcd
Eastside rec 2009 / Czech pagan black metal
This is totally re-arranged and re-recorded version of Adultery mCD "Slovanska
Krev", with new versions of old songs and new ones. 

Arcane Grail - Arya Marga cd 2009
Musica Production, Russian symphonic 

Ayat "Six Years of Dormant Hatred" CD
2008 Moribund rec
Black metal from Lebanon[Anaal Nathrakh. Impaled Nazerene
Avsky "Malignant" CD
Moribund rec 2008

Blood Stained Dusk - Black Faith Inquisition  cd
2008 Moribund rec
Black Metal from USA. [Emperor, Limbonic Art]

Nunslaughter ‘Hex' 2007 cd
Cult US satanic death metal

Nunslaughter/ Goat Sodomy split 7" ep

Zemial - I Am The Dark (7" Gatefold EP) 

Karpathia - Urheimat - Volanie Havranov  cd  2009
Morbid winter rec.Slovakian heathen black metal

  Ur Falc'h - Ur Falc'h  cd 2007
Ns black metal from Canada

TEMNICH "Pits Of The Empty Graves  2007 cd
Ukrainian Black Thrash

   Menhir 'ziuwarir' cd

Aeternus 'shadows' cd

Rivendell 'farewell' cd

   Satanic Warmaster "Strength and Honour" CD

Satanic Warmaster "Carelian Satanist Madness" CD

Evil ‘Hammerstorm'" CD

July 2009

The Meads of Asphodel 'Early Years' album is out via shellshock in August 2009.


New arrivals June 2009

Hromovlad/ slavigrom split cd
2 x Slovakian pagan bands 2009
Eliwagar ‘Memories of the warriors will' 2008 cd
Beautiful traditional pagan folk music
Taunusheim - Nebelkämpfe cd
Full-length, Schwarzdorn  2005
Germanic pagan black metal

Gorgoroth 'in the beginning'  cd
a pro boot from south America / no cdr shit...
this a killer release/ featuring
The A Sorcery written Blood 1993/ the last tormentor ep/ live in Germany 1996

Dzjady "By Blood on the Snow"  cd
volh records/ Black Pagan metal from Belarus with a similar sound to Gods Tower 

Svarttjern - Misanthropic Path of Madness cd
Schwarzdorn Productions  2009 /
insanely rabid Norwegian Black Metal.

Chertog Volka - (In the Lands Cold and Furious...) cd
Russian ambient pagan metal 2006
Like drukdh in many ways at their most atmospheric and chilled.

Holdaar - Рождение Гер&#  2008
Agd records
Russian NS pagan metal

Deathspell Omega/ Moonblood "Demoniac vengeance/Sob... split cd

Ohtar - Human Fuel Of Death CD
Darkest Grove ‘Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known' CD

Arafel  "The Way of  Defender' cd
2003 sound age productions
Like Bal Sagoth meets early Ulver. Really up-beat yet pagan wrapped metal

New arrivals  april 2009'

PD SS Totenkopf - Ljasnyja Braty
Othal Productions  2006 cd
Belarus pagan ns black metal

  Smuta ‘Ñìóòà Êðîâè'  cd
2007 armour get dawn records
Russian pagan metal like the Amorphis
Mysticum ‘Demons never sleep'  cd 2009
CD release of the bands wintermass demo
Possessed ‘The Demos'  1984-1992 cd
CD release of the bands early demos

Barbatos ‘ Live at Factory'  CD  2008
Black thrashing metal from Japan.

Abigail / Mantak ‘The Eastern Desekratorz'  CD  2008
Old Cemetery Records
Abigail from Japan and Mantak from Malaysia puke up some black thrashing metal
Thanathron & Empheris  ‘The Rituals of..' cd  2006
A split of Polish Black Metal

The Frost /Black Fire  ‘Between Ice and Fire' split  cd 2008
Released on Nerbilous Prop./Kerzakraum
The frost are from Croatia/ Black Fire from Columbia.

Vinterthron  'Reign Ov Opposites ' cd
2008 Ashen productions
Brazilian Black Metal

Vinterriket ‘Wege in die Vergangenheit' cd  2006
Best of cd.

News March 2009
sonic Black Metal eccentrics, The Meads of Asphodel, will release their ‘Early Years’ album in May 2009 via Godreah. The cd will feature tracks from the bands 3 demos, plus 2 unreleased Jihad session demos, and various obscure and lost tracks from the bands 1999-2002 line up. Jaldaboath, original founding member has given his blessing for this release.

New Arrivals March 2009

From Beyond ‘Sounds Of The Grave' Sonic Temple Records 2007
Czech Doom/ death in the vein of Trouble, Cathedral, Entombed, Crowbar, Black Sabbath, Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower

Karna (RUS) "The Haunted" - 2007 cd
Russian ambient Black Metal

Aphoom Zhah/ Smiercieslau "Split"
Raw Black Metal from Belarus/ both bands

Kali Yuga "/ Varhorn - "Aham Kali 2005 split cd
Raw Black metal
2 x Russian Black Metal bands

Holy Blood 'the wanderer' cd 2002
Black folk death metal from Ukraine

PlarevaRacien ‘Broken-down path' cd 2008
Folk black metal from Belarus

Thallium - Armanenschaft CD
Brazilian Black Metal cd 2008
Hammer of Damnation

Iron Hearse ‘Iron Hearse' cd 2006
Doom and gloom from England.
Groove laden Doom like Orange Goblin. Sabbath

Gospel of the Horns -‘The Satanists Dream' cd 2009
Re issue of the bands 1994 demo on cd by Kneel Before the Masters Throne Records in 2009 with bonus tracks:

Ungod ‘Conquering what was ours' cd
2008 re issue from Kneel before the Masters throne records with bonus tracks

Hoth ‘Rites of the black Goddess' cd
2001 Bahamut Records
keyboard driven bleak black metal from portugal

Dark Fury"The Price of Treason" 2009
True underground prod.

Leather Nun 'all your kin' cd
Doom from U.S.A.
Like a collision of Trouble, Pentagran and Wino/ Obssessed.

Penance 'revisited 'cd 2005
Classic Doom from U.S.A.
This is the original version of the album ‘Road less traveled' [rise above 1992]
This version was never used version as the band recorded it twice.

New arrivals Feb 2009

Instinct (UK) - 'Instinct' cd
English black metal. Brooding and primitive.
2008 Heidenwut Productions

Flammentod /Hrimthursen - split Cd 205
Germanic ns black metal / raw primitive split cd.

Eisenwinter /Holocaustus - split cd 2005
Swiss/ Germanic NS Black metal Primitive black metal

Holocaustus/Oedelegger - split CD 2005
NS Black metal from Germany Raw to the bone black metal

Stimmen aus der Tiefe Compilation-Cd
Featuring ;Rivendell, Kroda, Darestra, Nordreich, Hunok, Bliskinir, Taunusheim, Vike Tare, and others. A freat pagan compilation from the deepest underground

Nordreich -‘uf heimischen Pfaden' Cd 2007
German NS Black Metal Like Graveland meets slavland.

Taake ‘Nattestid ser Porten' digi cd 1999
Avant-garde music release

Taake ‘Over Bjoergin Graater' digi cd 2002
Avantgarde music release

Ekove Efrits "Suicidal rebirth" 2008 cd
Black doom Metal from Iran/ like

Sturm(BLR) "Ultra"
NS Black metal from Belarus.

New Arrivals Dec 2008

Heinrichreich/Taranis - Ancient Will
(split CD, melodic black metal from Ireland and Old school black (early Bathory) from Flanders, released may 2008

Hate Forest ‘ Ancient ones' cd 2001
Ukrainian Black Metal, raw and cold as death.

Hate Forest ‘Purity' cd 2003
Mighty Black metal from Ukraine [like early Immortal]

Bilskirnir / Evil (Ger/Bra) - German/Southern Brotherhood - split CD

Kataxu ‘Hunger of Elements' cd 2005
Polish symphonic Black Metal. Totally astral and orchestral Black Metal with members of

Sunwheel ‘Monuments of the Elder Earth' cd 2004
Polish NSBM./ with Kataxu members.

Mayhem/ Meads of Asphodel split cd
Featuring the Meads Jihad mcd and 2 x live Mayhem rehearsal tracks with Dead on Vocals. Cult.

Havohej - Dethrone The Son Of God 2008
re-issueWithout a doubt one of the most significant Black Metal releases ever!!! The debut full length CD "Dethrone The Son Of God" was recorded as a tribute to the mighty PROFANATICA.

Profanatica - The Enemy Of Virtue (DOUBLE CD - Jewel Case)
Jewel case DOUBLE CD featuring the entire track list from the vinyl double LP version with detailed track listing and booklet documenting the entire history of the cult.

Profanatica - Profanatitas De Domonatia 2008 cd
Much awaited full length studio album from one of the most influential and original godfathers of extreme Black Metal

Sodom Satans conjuration cd
9 unreleased tracks taken from demos and studio out-takes during Sodom's early Black Metal years! Includes 8 more tracks from a ripping Live show from 1984

new arrivals nov 21st 2008

HROMOVLAD (Slovakia) - Vladca lesov, skalnych stein cd 2005
Skyforger / bathory

Gallhammer: ‘Gloomy Lights' CD 2004
This is the beastial burst re-release.
Hellhammer/ Celticfrost gloom meltdown this certainly is....

Archgoat ‘Whore of Bethlehem' CD 2006
Finnish Death/ black metal, guttural and grim

Vitsaus ‘Iäti Vihassa ja Kunniassa' 2 CD
Best of cd, from this finish Black metal act, unusual as it's a 2xcd set.
Like striborg in some ways

Fearlight - "Наш Завет / Our Legacy" cd 2007
Folk/pagan metal from Russia

Kurgan- "And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly" cd 2008
Black/pagan metal from Ukraine,

Elivagar 'Ancient tales' CD 2008
Folk Death/ Black Metal Ttrollzorn Records

Kromlek - Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors' CD 2007
Viking metal Trollzorn records

Kromlek - Strange Rumours... Distant Tremors' CD 2007
Viking metal Trollzorn records

Lugubre/ Teratism - Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abhas split cd 2007
Two USMB bands. Teratismwith Vesperian sorrow and demonic Christ members. Lugubre withMord/ Salacious Gods members

Graveland ‘The Fire of awakening' cd 2003
Polish black/ pagan/ Viking metal

Graveland Fire Chariot of Destruction' cd 2005
Polish black/ pagan/ Viking metal

Graveland ‘Dawn of the Iron Blades' cd 2004

Absurd ' Raubritter / Grimmige Volksmusik ' cd 2007Pure hateful Germanic Black Metal
Absurd ‘Der Fanfzehnjahrige Krieg' digi cd 2008

Slartibartfass - Nebelheim CD 2007
Viking / Folk Metal
Trollzorn records

Mayhem 'dawn of black hearts' CD
Include Live in Sarpsburg 90, Live in Lillehammer, Norway 86 +
Pure Fucking Armageddon (Demo) Great sound !

New arrivals 18-oct 2008

Enfeus Lodge-Same CD. 2008
Epic and elitist black from france:new band of hunferd(O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan(Seigneur Voland,K-Nacht,Finis Gloria Dei)

Teratism-Pure Unadulterated Hate CD. 2008
US black metal band.With gues vocals of Dagon/Inquisition

Seigneur Voland/Chemin De Haine-Split CD. 2000
The demo acte I and the ep acte II both on cd.remastered and with the original artwork.
Two French black metal acts

Drachenfels-Bow Down For Death CD. 2008
Great elitist black metal from france [best of cd]

Slavland ‘Tarcza Swaroga' cd 2006
Pagan Metal from Poland

Amalek ‘Die Rückkehr Wotans' CD 2007
Nationalistic Germanic Black pagan metal in the vein of Ildjarn/ Graveland

Pripegal ‘Ziemia Gromadzi Prochy' cd 2008
Slavonic Pagan Metal from Poland

Thunderbolt .Inhuman Ritual Massmurder' 2004
Polish cult Black Metal

Arkona "Raw Years ..." 2005Album
Contains tracks created in early years of Arkona.
Cult Polish Black Metal

New arrivals 26-sept 2008

Svartsn 'Timelsss Reign’ cd 2007
Cult Swedish Black Metal

Stutthof ‘and Cosmos from Ashes to Dust’ 2006
Greek NS Black Metal

Pogost ‘…from the Eternal Chaos’ cd 2008
Primitive Black Metal from Russia.

Valfeanor ‘En Ny Tid’ CD 2008
Austrian Black Metal

Minhyriath ‘Gondolyn’ CD 2008
Folk/ Death metal from Switzerland.

Atritas .’Where Withes burnt' cd 2004
Swiss symphonic Black Metal

Blessmon 'Under the Storm of Hate' cd 2007
Austrian Black Metal

Eminenz "Eminenz" CD 2008
Solid Germanic melodic Black Metal. One of Germanys finest bands of the genre.

Branikald ‘Kveldulv’ CD '19962008
This is the re-release of the 1996.
A more faster, grimmer style for this relrease.

Svartnatt ‘Vargold Har Kommit’ CD 2007
Swedish Black Metal that is both bass heavy and very melodic. A superbly bleak and balanced release

Nephilim /Klandestyn Split CD 2008
Norway’s Nephilim and Russian band Klandestyn share this raw muggy Black Metal split. This split is colder than deaths embrace.

Oprich (RUSSIA) Chur (UKRAINE) – Ognetzvet split cd 2008
Oprich are a wonderfully melodic atmospheric pagan act with a great sound and meandering guitar passages.
Chur, utilize traditional instruments to create a medieval authentic sound.

New Arrivals 20-August 2008

Svyatogor ....with Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black' 2007
Blazing prod release of 1000. From Ukraine, Death/ Black/ Folk..

Volkolak ‘Hail to the God of the Sun' 2004 cd
Russian NS Pagan folk

Mind Propaganda ‘The First Strike' cd 2006
Black Metal from Ukraine
Jewel case comes in a slip card case also. Great packaging.

Southern Elite circle . Compilation cd
Featuring a collection of NS Black Metal bands. Ulfhethnar, Nachtgeblut, Argenraza, Furor, Argentum.

Aryan Art / Furor Slit CD
Aryan Art play fantastic Burzum meets early Forgotten Woods style icy Black Metal. Furor a more definitive Ildjarn simplistic primitivism.

Vobiscum ‘Berchfrit' CD 2008
Austrian Raw flesh ripping Black Metal. Melodic and old as frost.

Absentia Lunae ‘In Umbrarum Imperii Gloria' CD 2006
Italian harsh and fast technical Black Metal.

Black Funeral ‘Waters of Weeping' Cd 200
Black/ ambient metal from U.S.A. Raw, muggy and icy sound.

Istapp ‘Koldens Union' CD
Swedish Black Metal ‘Best of' release with 2 x old demos and 4 bonus tracks. Like fellow countrymen Dissection and early In Flames.

Lascowiec ‘Asgard Mysteries' CD
Hollow and muggy sound to this 19 track...
Pure underground atmospheres melt into icy Blackned pagan metal

Erhabenheit ‘Missgediehen' cd 2008
Muggy melodic German Black Metal, atmospheric, primitive and swimming in distortion.

Vordr iii cd 2008
Raw and merciless Black Metal from Finland. Vocals like a castrated cat.

Evilfeast ‘Lost Horizons of Wisdom' cd 2008
Symphonic Black Metal from Poland. Quite remarkable atmospheric Black Metal.

New Arrivals 26--08

Folkvang/ Wodensthrone ‘Over The Binding Of The Waves' split cd 2008
Quite wonderful pagan atmospheric metal. Like Brankald and Walknut
Folkvang from Belarus, and Wodensthrone from United Kingdom. A fantastic split cd.

Kroda ‘Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life' cd 2005
Ancient Nation re-issue. Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine. Great Traditional instruments merge with harsh pagan atmospheres.
Fornost ‘Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt' cd 2007
Re-release of this Germanic Black Metal bands 2003 album. Cold icy Black Metal.

Yggdrasil ‘Kvällningsvindar Över Nordrönt Land' cd 2007
Atmospheric Swedish Pagan Folk Metal. Traditional instruments merge with a Blackened rhythm engine. Like Windir meets early Enslaved.

Vrankenvorde ‘Schlachtensang' cd 2007
Germanic violent folk influenced Black metal. Rousing and well composed.

Stiny Plamenu ‘Odpadni galerie' cd 2007
Czech Black Metal. Like old Root meets Masters Hammer.

Folkvang ‘On the Wings of Destiny' cd 2005
Aryanism, Paganism from Belarus. Great atmospheres and driving melodies.

Kataxu /Necator split cd Eastside Rec 2008
Great atmospheric pagan Black Metal. Keyboards melt with primitive icy guitars and grave born vocals. Wonderfully raw and obscure. Featured Kataxus 1995 demo, and the Necator - "Reh.02.04.2005" demo. Both Polish NS black metal bands.

Drudkh ‘Songs Of Grief & Solitude' 2006
Cult black metal from Ukraine of somber anthems to misery.

Riddle Of Meander ‘Orcus' cd 2008
Greek raw primitive Black Metal

Endezzma ‘Alone' mcd 2007
Debut mini album from the avantgarde of Norwegian Black Metal. Imagine mixture of early Troll with early Gehenna and you will get a picture what the hell Endezzma is all about! Features members of Kvist, Ragnarok, Urgehal and Vulture Lord.

Vidsyn ‘On Frostbitten Path Beneath' mcd 2007
Debut mini album of a new Norwegian Black Metal band. 5 songs of coldness and grimness. The band features Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone on vocals and Hellhammer of Mayhem on drums.

Urgehal ‘The Eternal Eclipse' cd 2007
15th anniversary album. Features 3 unreleased tracks from 'Goatcraft Torment' session, both tracks from 'Demonrape' 7''EP, a cover of VON, one brand new track recorded in February 2007 and re-recorded at the same time track from the debut album 'The Eternal Eclipse' + unreleased rehearsal track from 1995. The CD comes with tight, 16 pages booklet with lots of pictures, linear notes, lyrics, etc.

Carthaun ‘Blutt und Threnen' CD 2008
Melodic Black metal from Germany. Like Ildjarn colliding Graveland.
Great guitar heavy music.

Die Saat ‘Der Schlachten Tribut' CD 2003
Germanic Black Folk Viking Metal. Atmospheric, melodic and ugly guitar sound. Great early Enslaved style keyboards and Odin anthems

Amalek ‘Die Rückkehr Wotans' CD 2007
Nationalistic Germanic Black pagan metal in the vein of Ildjarn/ Graveland and Veles.

Sturmkaiser ‘Veni vidi vici' cd 2008
Fast blazing Italian Black Metal. Like Dissection meets Isvind.

new arrivals

Beastcraft ‘Baptized in Blood and Goats Semen' 2008
Wonderfully primitive Norwegian Black Metal

Theudho ‘Cult of Wuotan' CD 2008
Released on Det Germanske Folket. Pagan Black Metal from Belgium.

Orlog ‘Reinigende Feuer' cd 2006
German Black Metal. Like Dissection. Stunning stuff played at warp speed and melting ito the head with ease.

Helritt ‘Trotzend dem Niedergang' 2007
German Pagan Metal. Up-beat with clean vocal chants and harsh snarls.

Ancestors Blood ‘Return of the Ancient ones' cd 2008
Finnish Pagan Metal. Like the epi Burzum and Graveland material colliding in the style of this band.

Myrkgrav ‘Trollskau, Skromt og Kolabrenning' cd 2006
Norwegian Blackened Folk like Windir.

Emancer ‘Twilight and Randomness' digi cd 2008
Norwegian progressive Black Metal

Thunderbolt / Kataxu split cd 2001
Polish NSBM from these two

Dragobrath ‘And Mountains Openeth Eyes... cd 2008
Black atmospheric Metal from the Ukraine

Leadhaze ‘Black Water Path' d 2008
Dark/ Black Metal from the Ukraine

Grivf ‘Yggdrasil' cd 2007
Danish funeral Pagan folk metal. Huge lumbering guitars evoke the past. Like Wigrid meets Branikald. Truly awe inspiring.

New arrivals

Abomino Aetas 'Sower of Death' cd 2008
New Godreah Records/ Firestorm release. Pure TRUE Norwegian Black Metal.

Geimhre ‘Noidagh' Northern Horde Rec 2008
NS Black Metal from Canada.

Dark Fury ‘Fortress of Eagles' 2008
Polish NS Black Metal/ featuring Thors Hammer member. Like a fusion of Burzum and Graveland. Pure cold melodic pagan Black Metal.

Dark Fury ‘The Final Solution' 2007
Polish NS Black Metal. Faster ad more angry than the latest offering.

TARANIS "The Obscurity" CD' 2008
This is a 2008 official re-release of a 1992 TARANIS album The Obscurity' A grisly dismal release, raw primitive and reeking of a demo sounding Celtic Frost fused with early Dead era Mayhem.

Flame of War ‘Europa; Or, The Spirit Among The Ruins' 2008
Polish Pagan Black Metal. Atmospheric lengthy tracks evoking the likes of Brankald and Graveland.

War ‘Insanity of Faith' 2007
Polish Black Metal

New Arrivals

Vesen ‘Ugly' 2005 duplicate records
Black Thrash from Norway

Infernö ‘Metal Commando Attack' Duplicate re 2007
Best of cd of the thrashing Norwegians

Mordhell ‘Cut Yourself and Die!!' 2004 mcd
Polish necro black metal.

Nebiros ‘Stacheldraht' 2007
This is the re-release on Fallen Angel Rec of this German bands 2003 demo with bonus tracks. Fast,scorching Black Metal with a thick guitar sound.

Gallileous ‘Passie Et Mors' 2008
Redrum666 rec re-release of the bands excruciatingly agonizing 1994 demo
Pure Black Doom from Poland, slower than Cathedral and more dismal than Death itself. Quite mortifying.

Holy Death ‘The Knight, Death and the Devil' 2005
Polish atmospheric Black metal/ features Bathory/ Accept covers.

Fuck Off and Die! - Anti All'm 2008
Lithuanian Black Thrash featuring Luctus member. Short sharp Black thrash tracks with a rabid Carpathian Forest cover.

Northern Breeze - Sailing To The North 2007
Greek melodic Black Metal

Firth of Damnation - Carpe Diem 2008
Black metal from USA. Raw, cold NSBM.

Enclave - Paradise of Putrefaction 2008
Raw symphonic Polish Black Metal

Nekrokrist SS - Suicide 2007
Primitice, icy Black Metal from Finland

Massemord/The Frost/Valdur 3 way split cd 2008
Featuring 3 new mcd's from Massemord [nor], The Frost [Croatia], and Valdur [USA]

Peordh - Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost 2007
Black pagan metal from USA that is a mix of Windir and Mortiss. Pure pagan atmospheres

Curse - In Life & In Death / Sykdom, Verden og Fanden 2007
Great split cd from Iceland's ‘Cures, and Norway's, Sykdom.

Thule 'anthology' cd 2008
Official' CD release of the Pre- CURSE / FORTID / POTENTIAM mid-90's recordings of Icelandic Black Metal pioneers THULE(!)

Formorii/ Waitr split cd 2007
Two full-length recordings from Heathen / Pagan Black Metal bands [both] featuring members of GEIMHRE, Canadian NSBM veterans.

Sykdom 'Under krigen' cd 2006
Norwegian Viking Black Metal

Gosforth ‘Hornlust' cd 2006
Italian Black Metal

Nordvrede ‘Northern Frontlines' Hexenhammer Records 2006
Re-release of this Norwegian bands 2006 demo. Like early demo era Emperor without keyboards and harsher mix.

Helvetespine - Frykten Og Mennesket' Hexenhammer Records 2007
Norwegian Black Metal at its most primitive. A lumbering majestic album of sincere yet bleak compositions.

Mareritt - Hymner Til Doden Og Morket' mcd Hexenhammer Records 2005
Norwegian Black Metal

Latest arrivals
See catalogue for full list

Uruk-Hai (Esp) - In the Side of Eternal Eclipse mcd 2001
Battlefield rec release/ unholy Black Metal

Nekroholocaust - In Memories of Fire 2005
Pure raw black metal from USA. Contains rare recordings from 1988-89

Mustan Kuun Lapset - Prologi mcd1998
The re release of this cult Finnish Black metal bands debut EP, with extra track version on Nocturnal Music.

Mustan Kuun Lapset - Uusi Suomalainen Black Metal Tulokas split cd 2000
This is a great split with fellow Finns, Azaghal

Dies Ater - Reign Of Tempests 1999
original Mordgrimm rec release. Pure Germanic black metal.

Tearstained - Monumental In Its Sorrow 1999
Original Mordgrimm rec release form this depressive American Black Metal band.

Goetia (Pol) - Wolfthorn mcd 1999
Original Mordgrimm rec release. Polish Black Metal

Thokk - Of Rape and Vampirism
Original Mordgrimm rec release. Black metal from USA.

Non Serviam (Swe) - The Witches Sabbath 2000
Best of release from Swedish Black/ Death band

1349 ‘1349' mcd, Holycaust Records 2001
Norwegian Black Metal

A Norwegian hail to VON split 7"EP
2 x 7" gatefold. Red vinlys
4 x Norwegian black metal bands cover Vonn tracks, taake, Urgehal, Norwegian evil, and Amok.

Black Hole Generator ‘Black Karma' MCD 2006
Fast polished Norwegian Black industrial metal

Chaos Moon ‘Languor into echoes beyond' cd 2007
Melodic yet caustic Black funeral metal from usa.

Zargof ‘Departure for the cosmic twilight' MCD 2004
Brazilian epic symphonic Black Metal [like early Stormlord, Mystic Circle]

Valhom ‘Despair' cd 2007
Mighty guitar blazing blackened death from USA. Awesome.

The new Norwegian Compilation cd 'Norsk Svart Metall' is in support of the new scene emerging and also of the web-site of the same name.
Cd features the some of the finest bands in Norway at the moment, Taake, Urgehal, Forgotten Woods,
[see release page for more details]
CD is available to order now.

The new signing, Norwegian band, Abomino Aetas, is one of the most exiting prospects to arise from the icy north for many years, and a testament to the fresh and invigorating music being created in the modern age. The new album, Sower of Death, will be available in May 2008.

The Meads of Asphodel 'Life is Shit' 7" ep [LIMITED TO 500 and signed by the band] is still available.